Da Vinci Goodness

So I'm starting this at night, but posting in the morning. I am efficient. Hiiiie-ya! --insert ninja noise-- Don't ask me where that came from either, it just.. fit.

I dragged mum and her "wounds" (teehee) to the movies today because I have been busting to see the Da Vinci Code since it came out. Plus, it was cheap Tuesday, haha. So it was good. We went to a 5.30pm screening too, so we've just got back. Er, I mean, we went YESTERDAY and we got back at 8.30pm. Yep. Because I'm actually uploading this tomorrow. I mean, today. Gah!

It was pretty good. I don't know that the characters matched perfectly - I kept seeing Aringarosa (the Bishop) as that Octopus dude from Spiderman 2, so that didn't help. Paul Bettany was just fabulous though, he was quite scary and did a great job of Silas. I think I've been secretly in love with him since Wimbledon, I really adore that movie. Great one. You should check it out if you haven't already but ANYWAY. Tom Hanks? Not sure. He's one of my favourite actors but him? As Robert Langdon? I don't know. I sort of pictured someone different. The lady that played Sophie was pretty good. All in all, it wasn't bad at all. Glad we went and saw it. Thanks mum!

(Except for some stupid idiots at the cinemas - gah. I still get pissy thinking about it.) I bought the tickets and the popcorn, served by 3 people. I know. THREE. One trainee, one person training the trainee and one trainee who was just sort of hovering around the counter. I bought the tickets for us, and a popcorn bucket and a drink. I was a good customer, see? I even said the trainee did a good job. Ha. Mum decided she wanted something for dinner - so I trekked down to the foodcourt for her because of her "wounds" - teehee (!!). Got her a chicken burger thing, hiked back up the stairs and am presented with the same trainees.

Trainee: "Can I see your ticket please?"
Me: ((halting mid-step as if being held up)) "Um, Ok, I just bought it??"
Trainee: "Okay thankyou."
Me: "Right." ((starts walking again))
Trainee: "Excuse me?"
Me: ((halting mid-step as if being held up -- again)) "Yeah?"
Trainee: "You can't take hot food into the cinema."
Me: "It's not getting eaten, it's for later."
Trainee: "You'll have to speak to my manager."
Me: "But I just bought popcorn!"
Manager ((who happens to be someone I sort of, but don't really know, and would only smile at in passing IF I was in a good mood, you know?)): "You can't take hot food into the cinema." ((smiling at me))
Me: ((not smiling)) "It's not getting eaten, it's to take home. See? Bag."
Manager: "It's company policy. No special favours, it's the same for everyone. ((still smiling))
Me: ((really not smiling, in fact, probably glaring)) "I have popcorn to eat."
Manager: "Um, okay."
Me: ((stomps off))

Fucking idiots. Don't ask me why that pissed me off so much. I just felt like cramming the chicken burger up their noses. And it IRRITATES me when people act like they know me, when they don't, actually. Damn. I really am PMS-y. And now I have popcorn-teeth.

Oh, and before I forget:

Dear Jen. I love you for posting. Love, Me.

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Hana said...

OMG, who was the manager? Please tell me someone from High School??

If so, please feel free to pass on names privately :D

Also, i have not seen The Da Vinci Code. I got 3/4's through the book and thought it was the stupidest thing i've ever read (i can FEEL the glares you're giving me :p)

Jess said...

Ewwwwwwwww was this at good ol'e Mounty? Because, actually you shouldn't expect the IQ of those hobo's to be any higher than about 12. Last time I went there I found that I wanted to flick off all of my fingernails with bamboo because it was less pain than visiting their establishment.

About the Da Vinci Code -- I thought that Audrey Tataou was so bloody gorgeous! I also looooved, loved Paul Bettany. I agree with you about Wimbeldon! I've had a soft spot for him since then too! He's sooo cute :D

Aly said...

ROFL it was someone from high school Hana - but in a different grade. She was the sister of one of Ajay's friends. Boo.

LOL don't worry - Jase hates it and refused to come see it with me. You're not alone!

Jess - YES it was at Mountys, rofl. I forget you'd have been there, ugh. Next time I'm driving to Penrith.

WIMBLEDON, yay! So glad you enjoyed it as well. :D

Jess said...

Did the majority of the very elegant EPHS students end up with secure jobs at Hoyts, did they? LOL. At least I don't feel so lame about my life.

Jen said...

Everyone else is commenting in a rush now so they can be loved too.

I would comment more often (instead of in one big go) but I always read several entries in one big go.

Aly Im still up and Im sooo tired, I only just finished my stuff for tonight *pouts*

And the story about the trainees made me giggle.

Goodnight :)

wendy said...

aly that story about the movies cracked me up. i have a visual of you ramming that chicken burger down a young trainee. oh i am giggling hard...

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