Perils of Grocery Shopping

Okay, perhaps I won't ever move out of home. Ever.

Mum and I did a grocery shop this afternoon, because we haven't done one in a while. It's just us two girls here tonight too, so we figured we'd just do it while we were out. It ended up costing almost $350. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Oh my!! We did buy some meat, vegs, and toiletries (is it not insane that even shampoos and conditioners cost almost $10 now - and not to mention the $9 toothbrush we found!) so that added up but yeah. Insane.

So basically - I've just realised there is no way I would ever be able to move out on my own. Not with rent, and bills and loan repayments and grocery shops like that. Never. Meaning, I'll be definately living at home until I'm 90. I suppose while I'm here I should just be thankful my board is lower than renting a place. And I am thankful. Sometimes I really want to be out, just because I feel .. old. At (almost) 22, I know. People think I'm stupid all the time when I say that. But I always wanted a family young and now - I'm practically middle-aged. No expectations, or anything. Nuh-uh.

The school front? D. has thrown three tantrums in three consecutive days. Just like Amalah was having troubles in one of her recent posts about her darling boy driving her to the point of insanity, D. is killing me, slowly. And he's not even my own child, sheesh. I am supported by other people with him, but sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the air and walk out of that damn classroom. But at the same time, I've sort of taken him under my wing and I couldn't bear to have someone else with him. It's really bizarre.

And you'll be proud. Seeing as a certain someone tactfully asked me how my "walk to Newcastle" was going - for some reason, I was able to wake up at 6am this morning and go for a nice walk. I had my "walking mix" on my Ipod, which made it good. I think I have perhaps invented the term Treadmill-Karaoke-Miming. I started off miming to the songs as I was walking, then it eventually turned into tuneless singing - I thought I sounded rather good actually, since I didn't hear anything at all over the music. Fantastic. I'm going to try again tomorrow, just to stay in the habit.

Thank goodness for LONG WEEKENDS.

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~Kathryn~ said...


you mean NOT EVER ???

and i didn't BUY the $9 toothbrush (who needs a tounge scrubber anyway - gross) i brought the $1 one LOL

Ngaire Brown said...

Aly it freaks me out when Loz and I do a shop for 2 people and 1 dog and it costs $150. At least there are 4 people in your house!!!
Your first year out stories remind me so much of what I went through last year. I am secondary trained and ended up teaching primary library classes. Nothing at uni ever prepared me for that!!

Jess said...

I did about 3 days worth of grocery shopping for myself today (which, since I'm respectively poor, consisted of a lot of tinned soup, fish and salad stuff) and it cost me almost $50. And its JUST for me!

It made me very, very sad.

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