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Sleepy. Oh-so-sleepy. Sleep is good.

Today was a really great day. There was the industrial strike (which I wish I could have gone to, apparently the turn out was really fabulous) so the school was "partially" open. There were only about 25 kids from four infants classes there in the morning, so their four teachers (including myself) took turns to keep them occupied, leaving us some time to plan and programme, which was great.

By lunchtime, I had a class of 7 kids. It was so good. And so quiet! And so less stressful. Imagine what you could do with a class that small - they'd just learn, learn, learn. I adore the kindergartens and little kids, they get along so well together. It's just lovely.

This afternoon, I had a batch of parents not show up at all for their parent-teacher interviews, which left me a bit cranky. But, I also had a few give me some good comments and tell me that they were happy with things so that made it a bit better. In other random school news, I was all proud because my report comments got good feedback from my supervisor and principal. First time around, yay! I had to change a few small things, but for the most part they were alright. Hoorah!

Two more days. Two more days. Tra-la-la! Oh, oh, and before I finish -- Can I say how proud I am to announce that my class FINALLY (after two terms of sitting up straight, the precious cherubs) won the Class of the Week award at assembly on Monday! They were so proud -- they came running up to me yesterday morning just bursting with excitement. We now get the special teddy (whose probably heavier than I am, and that's saying something!) in our classroom, and for the holidays too I think. That was the nicest surprise. One of those awesome teaching moments.

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