You're not gonna believe this

Seriously. I almost didn't believe it and I WAS THERE.

I got called out of my classroom (during SHOW AND TELL mind you - darnit, that cracks me up, but that's a whole 'nother blog entry) by the principal this morning and was informed of some really shocking news. One of my kids, a 6 year old in Year 2, was caught at the plaza (shopping centre) next to the school at 9.20am, attempting to shoplift in one of the stores.

A 6 year old shoplifting.

Can you even imagine?

Turns out that he was caught trying to walk out of a store with something in his jacket and something else in his school bag. What it was, I never found out - but geez. He is not a stupid kid, he would have known exactly what he was doing. And he is 6 years old. Unbelievable.

I just want to cry.

Oh, and by the way, he escaped getting charges filed because the shop owners felt sorry for him, being so young. In a twistedly horrid way, I sort of wish he had been charged. (I know, I told you I'm awful). But at least if he was dealt something awful like that, he'd think twice about doing it again. Now - he's got off with nothing. And home life isn't great, so in all honesty, I doubt he will even get reprimanded.


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Jess said...

thats so sad :( im glad he didnt get charged. maybe though, you mention that home life isnt that good-- perhaps he was reaching out for attention or something?

Poor little thing.

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