Sunday Scribblings: Earliest Memory

My mum is a very clever chook.

Yes, she is. She knew I had this blog up and running. She even offered to pay for it now that my trial is up (Hoorah! I am a qualified TYPEPADDER now!) so therefore she must -gasp- read it. She gave me a recommendation to try out this other blog she found called Sunday Scribblings. I've just gone over there now and had a peep at it, and it is definitely appealing. I'm going to try it out now - so bear with me as I take part in their weekly writing "challenge" so to speak, at least creatively, anyway.

Earliest Memory

.. Or should I say, memories? Sadly, I can only go back to around Kindergarten, which would have made me about 4 years old. I can remember Mrs Hardigan really clearly, and colouring in on plain pieces of paper. There is one memory which I know is there somewhere, but it's sort of fuzzy. Also to do with that class though. I wish I could put my finger on it. I know it's important, I've always thought about it but I have never actually remembered. Repression, anybody? It's nothing BAD that I'm aware of, it's just.. something. Interesting.

Things I wish I could remember

.. Wouldn't this be something? Being able to remember all the little things that we forget. Like the fore-mentioned kindergarten "incident" that I can't place. If I could selectively remember a memory that would benefit me right here and right now, it would have to be my years in Grade 1 and 2. Probably sounds rather boring to most people - but I find it amazing that I can't remember much about that time at all. I remember my teachers, yep. I remember Mrs Benney being absolutely wonderful. I remember Mr Pink wearing kneesocks and being about six feet tall. But that? Is about it.

I bet you're wondering why on Earth I'd want to choose those memories?

Because I'd love to see what those teachers did with me in class those times. I must  have turned out okay - and now it's MY turn to be that teacher. It's MY turn to be the mentor, the one that (hopefully) makes a difference. So anytime those memories would like to come on back to me, would be fabulous.

So there you have it, my first Sunday Scribbling - hopefully I've done this right, I enjoyed having a topic to blog about. 'Til next week!

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boliyou said...

I like your take on this. If only we could choose things we want to remember. But then, we'd have to remember everything and have to choose what to get rid of.

~Kathryn~ said...

of course you're mum's a clever chook ... i can remember ms benney and mr pink for you - both these teachers were deeply caring people, who saw your strengths and encouraged them, supported you and helped you blossom into a beautiful smart young woman. You know Mrs B still talks about you when i see her - you made just as much an impression on her as she did on you !!
You will be/are a fantastic teacher - i see already how you care for those kids - not only at school but you worry about them outside.
My earlist memory of you baby girl - is holding you and crying cos your dad and i were so happy to have you - i still cry that i have been lucky enough to have such a great kid !!!!
love ya much

Jen said...

I wish my mum said stuff like that about me. *depressive moment*

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