Hello out there?

I think my blog has scared everyone away!

It's been pretty quiet around here lately. But shouldn't it be the opposite? School holidays are looming (today! last day! yes! hoorah!)

I had a dream tonight which I think stemmed from reality, which is spooky. In the dream, I was running around chasing a little mouse with big ears. It was in this house, and I'd caught him for a while, and all was well. Then I suddenly woke up in the dark hearing this rustling noise, and thought I saw something in my rubbish bin. Gah! I turned the light on, put some contact liquid in (since my eyes get so dry at night I can't see a thing) and I didn't spy anything. Back to bed I went.

Most people are scared of mice, I don't know why. I'm actually thinking of getting them for a class pet next term, if I am still on the class. Mice are cute, and contrary to what some people think, they don't smell if you look after them. I'm a pro-cage-and-hutch-cleaner, just ask my cockatoo and my bunnies. I was at the pet shop deciding between a few goldfish, a hermit crab or some mice. I wanted mice, because they're always active running around in that spinny wheel thingy, aww! But I wasn't sure if they'd be hard to look after. Turns out they only need cleaning once a week apparently. Ha. I could always take them home on weekends and do the cleaning then.

I think if I had the chance, my house would become a petting zoo.

I love animals.

Anyway. I just thought you'd be able to take some goldfish, whack them in a bowl and feed them some sprinkles every day. Turns out you can't. She gave me this rundown on how to get a small tank/bowl up and running, and it was going to cost a small fortune! Mice, on the other hand, just require a glass cagey thing, a spinny wheel, sawdust and food. And the sawdust is cheap, as is the food. What would you choose? (Oh, we ruled out the hermit crabs because they just sleep during the day, so all the kids would see were shells.)

Last day, oh yeah! Last day, oh yeah!  It's before 7am and I'm PSYCHED. Sleep-ins, dead ahead!

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Ngaire Brown said...

Enjoy your holidays! We go back on Monday and do you think I have had a decent sleep in yet?

Robert Summer said...

You sure have a lot of animals!

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