A new pet hate

Actually, not new, but just old and REFRESHED.

I strongly dislike idiot drivers. And I also strongly dislike people who are just as idiotic by not knowing the road rules. I strongly dislike backseat drivers. And I strongly dislike anyone who touches my radio dials in MY CAR WHILE I AM DRIVING. I'm not going to drive anyone out, again.

(NB: I am turning right into my street and have the right of way - and then my backseat drivers dare yell at me because THE OTHER GUY WAS TAKING UP TWO LANES AND COULDN'T TURN A FUCKING CORNER PROPERLY? Ha. I hope the stupid dimwit car driver gets wiped out next time. I don't care if they're a neighbour or not. Learn to drive.)

On a lighter note;

Cars was such a cute movie. I really enjoyed it! Mater was hilarious -- good times. Minus the kids that happened to be in a kids movie theatre, I mean, how dare they? Actually they weren't too bad (except for the kid behind me.) Mum and dad were worse with all their little Route 66 mutterings right next to me. My favourite part had to be the Tractor Tipping. A must see!

And anything that has a soundtrack featuring this lovely specimen has my vote. That voice, pshaw, uhmayzing. I'm going to bed now before I realise that I just spelled amazing that way and completely abandon this post. Two in one day, damn that's keen. Cramps are evil.

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