Grumbles for All!

This will be a rather boring and somewhat cranky post, no doubt. You have been warned.

Grumble No. 1
My insides feel as though they have been ripped out, juggled around and played with by feral monkeys or something. Cramps, so bad. Gah! I was expecting it today but still - does it have to be so damned crampy? The stupid thing is, I went on the pill years and years and years ago, because my crampiness was so bad that I'd spend at least one day in bed a month. It is much better than that now, it is. Can't deny that. But they are still pretty horrid.

Luckily. I have a convenience store down the road which stocks chocolate. Me thinks I will be paying a visit there later on this afternoon. When it's not freezing. I find it rather rude that on my sleep-in day, I was awoken (BY THE CRAMPS) at 7am. 7AM! Everybody else is still sleeping. Bah humbug.

Grumble No. 2
I HATE JUNK MAIL. Oh yes, I do. I use Outlook Express as my mail opener-thingymabob, so it has a "Block Email" section. So why is it that EVERY MORNING when I open my email, and no matter how long I spend adding people to my block list, the junk mail does not stop coming! Gaaaaah. Perhaps it's because I've had my email for such a long time that I've got geriatric junkmail servers still bombarding me. It's just irritating me this morning.

Grumble No. 3
Why are there NO VIDEOS THAT I WANT TO WATCH in my house at the moment? And yes, I realise that I could go to the video store myself but then I'd have to BUY them and I'm poor because I just paid mum board for June, PLUS my first car payment comes out next week so I need money in my account for that. Whine, whine.

Grumble No. 4
Nobody is commenting anymore. I take it this means my post have lacked wit and intelligence lately, or that you have better things to do than read this blog. (Gasp.) But, my cramps and I implore you, if you are reading THIS VERY SENTENCE right now, leave me some sugar. I bet it'd make me feel a lot better, and much less irritable.

Hell. With my cramps, anything could irritate me today. Luckily J. is well away. No heads will be bitten off (with exceptions for family members, who may lose several appendages.)

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Hana said...

*leaves trail of sugar*

~Mum~ said...

leaving a comment to make my baby girl happy :-)

PS - don't eat the chocolate

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