Need I say more?

This should explain EVERYTHING.

I am rather peeved with myself for being quite so stupid. IMMENSELY PEEVED if you really want to know. Miss Aly forgot to take certain medication which er, keeps her cycle normal, mmhm, all weekend. Not one day. Not two days. Not even three days. I haven't taken it since Friday morning. FRIDAY! It is now Tuesday! Not good.

So because I am a halfwit, I awoke this morning to very VERY familiar cramps. Cramps which usually leave me in bed moaning for a few hours because getting up seems all too hard. Cramps that should not have been here this morning because -- I only just had a visit from said cramps about one and a half weeks ago. Damnit. Yes, all hell has broken loose and I am having period number two for June.

No wonder I felt like shit all day yesterday, this explains it! It might even explain why I still look like death this morning, even after showering and blowdrying my hair for once. All I know is that I cracked open the Naprogesic and washed them down with tea and NutraGrain. They haven't kicked in yet either, so I still feel - yep, you guessed it, of death. I say that a wee bit too much.

I wonder what the chances are of having off tomorrow for a sickness/sympathy day? Perhaps I shall talk to my supervisor today...

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~Kathryn~ said...

and to think ... you've still got 20+ years of this ahead of you
*sheesh* !!!

Jess said...

I hope you feel better soon.

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