New Student Alert!

Just when I thought I was going to be down one..

Turns out I ended up back at square one! What am I talking about, you ask? Well. D. in my class has gone overseas for a long holiday to Macedonia to visit family - so he isn't back until September this year. Don't get me wrong, D. is a lovely kid, really sweet, but one less student means more time for everyone else which can be a really good thing. (Imagine the work one could do if classes consisted of no more than 20 kids... ahh... the thought is so appealing.)

Anyway - he left last Thursday, so I was expecting less numbers. Until this morning, when I got a visit from the office administration lady who had brought along another body to come join 1/2S!! Yep - I got a new student! He's absolutely gorgeous, looked all cute in his old school uniform - turns out they had moved from the country here to be with their family. He's Aboriginal, absolutely adorable and seemed really polite and cute. Only in Year 1 too - so today I just spent most of the time observing him, seeing what he was like, that sort of thing. His reading is very behind, so he'll most likely end up on the Reading Recovery programme, but he has really good handwriting and seems to be quite clever. He wasn't even nervous about starting the school here, from what I can tell he's moved around quite a bit, so he's used to it.

Since he's the first Aboriginal student I have in my class, that means I also get to spend more time with Mrs G. She is the Aboriginal Aide in the school, and spends time in the classrooms that have kids with needs, just as extra support for them. So I'm all excited I'll get to see her more often, because she's just an amazing lady who I really look up to. She's also one of the few teachers who has supportive words and encouragement, so hoorah for that!

Looking forward to good times ahead - I hope. I've decided to take him under my wing, so we'll see what happens. I'd rather get to him before some of the other kids do, seeing as he has a cousin who also goes to B.P.S. who is quite possibly, THE naughtiest boy at school. Wish me luck!

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Jen said...

There is a girl in my class who I think is Aboriginal... it isnt in the class profile, but she looks like it. Anyway totally unrelated to being Aboriginal, but she is the most adorable little thing ever, and she is so well behaved.. I love that kid already.

Jess said...

Oh man, being the new kid for me was sooo daunting. I love sweet kids, it brings out the maternal instinct that ... let's face it, is always presenting itself.


Lucky you!

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