Black Fingernails - Red Wine

The argument overall continues, in this hell
-- All of stand and point our fingers.

Why is it that this song has been in my head all day?? It's the new Eskimo Joe song. I heard it twice, and now it's apparently stuck. Gah. It could be worse, but I barely even know the lyrics. Only the main ones, anywho.

How I wish long weekends went for longer than a weekend. Today just felt like any other Monday (except that it's a Tuesday, ha!) -- meaning I still have lots more work to do and not much time to do it.

Parent teacher interviews are starting the week after next, meaning I have a crapload of work to do. I wanted to get the kids trays ready with everything neat and tidy, but the likelihood of that happening is rather slim. I need to check I've marked "most things", I need to get the room looking spiffy (well, even spiffier if you know what I mean) and I need to just be organised. If I were super organised I'd have a little portfolio made up for each of the kids but it's doubtful that'll happen. I am going to print out the report comments I wrote for each one, and have that there ready to talk about too. It's only for 15 minutes but that could take an awfully long time. I'm becoming slightly nervous.

This is a very random and sporadic post today with no real theme because that's a bit how I feel right now. Random and sporadic.

I am glad that my good friend Stefi is coming back to Australia in a few months. I didn't get to spend anywhere near as much time with her as I would have liked, and she was here for a good six months at least last time. =/ This trip is only a short visit I think, but I'm determined not to miss out this time around! I also want to eventually go for a road trip up to visit Jen too, although she doesn't know this yet. Mwahaha. Lots to do (or want to do) but not enough time.

I had my bunnies in last night and it was so nice. I wish they lived inside instead of outside, because it's a pain in the ass trying to get them out of the bloody hutch. Bella goes insane and I swear her eyes are one day going to bulge out of her pretty head. Lucy is so cute -- she spent ages last night licking mum's chin !! Don't ask me why she found that so appealing, haha, but bunny kisses are damn cute. Luce spends most time snuggling up with us (but don't let her on the floor because she is damn fast and hard to catch!) whereas Bella stays well away and just looks nervous all the time. Silly rabbit. I am in the mood for more bunny cuddles today so I think I'll get them in shortly. Yay.

I drove home today following someone who was driving the exact same car as me. Down the the colour and model and everything. And now I can definately say that my car is very stylish and sexy from behind. Except my number plates looked better than hers because hers were yucky yellow ones and mine are black and white. Non-biased view, of course.

A few people wrote to me and asked me to finish off my "Mystery" story that I wrote for Sunday Scribblings last weekend, which I found very flattering. It was nice of people to actually stop by and read it, so thanks if you left a comment or emailed me. Gives me the incentive to maybe finish it off one day, although I doubt the conclusion would be as fun to write as the beginning.

I think I'm just about done now. Time for bed? At 4.30pm? It's possible!

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Hana said...

oh aly, i'll trade you...
you do my crappy exams for me and i'll do your parent/teacher thingy. I've always wanted to be on the other end of those anyway! :)

This is my first real break of the entire day. Stressing, me? NO, NEVER!


~Kathryn~ said...

bunny kisses are very cute !!

Rowie said...

Just read your blog Darl and You Rock!. Keep on Keeping on..You are doing great......Cheers!

Tessenei said...

Does that mean you wrote the beginning of that mystery story and YOU don't even know how it ends??? gah!!!

Aly said...

Erm, I sort of have an idea of what happened (from the dream, you see) but how it actually will turn out when I'm writing it anyone's guess!

Good to see my use of the word "Gah!" is rubbing off too, I use it way too much!

Thanks for commenting again, lovelies!

Jen said...

Arent you just becoming the popular little blogger? And to think you were begging for comments only a short while ago. Im so proud of you *wipes tear*

You should make yourself a sign, you amatur righter you!

Mike said...

Hey, Just to clear it up the lyrics arent: the argument over all continues, in this hell,. They are: the argument over god continues, in this house.

Aly said...

The argument over god continues
In this house,
All of us stand and point our fingers at the ground
The argument over all continues
In this house..

Not that it really matters seeing as the song bugs me anyway - but my apologies for messing up that one word.

john said...


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