Sunday Scribblings: Bed

I find this post very, very appropropriate!

Why, you may ask? Because as I type, I am staring rather fondly at my bed -- and looking very much forward to laying down for the night and dreaming. Yesterday's late night (ha!) at trivia has ensured that I am a very tired girl.

When I first read the topic today, I instantly knew what to write about. My inspiration came from my lovely mother who is possibly the most fantastic scrapbooker in the world. It's true. Sitting on her study desk right now, is a scrapbooking page which is almost completed. It talks about my whole family, and how different we are -- and how we sleep. Little quirky bits of trivia about each and every one of us which makes us unique, especially when it comes to our beds. I thought I'd think about my OWN stance on myself and sleeping, and write some facts that come to mind. Enjoy!


# I cannot stand sleeping on soft, squooshy pillows. Give me a pillow that is firm, and I shall be off in dreamland in no time. I adore pillows. Still on the pillow topic, I also have a fascination with LOTS of them. At present, I have four and 2 cushions, however I have at times had up to six. I grumble each time we have guests stay over, seeing as my bed is the resident pillow-hotel. I lose one every time, guaranteed!

# I used to not be able to sleep at all in the daytime. Now, I can. It helps if I have one of those eye masks, but if I'm tired and sick, usually nothing can keep me from falling asleep.

# I prefer to sleep with lighter clothes on, but cuddle up under my lovely quilt. I usually don't wear warm clothes while I'm asleep. Strange, eh? I don't know why. Perhaps it's just the feel of the quilt on my skin? On particularly cold nights I've tried to dress more warmly, however I usually end up tossing half the bedcovers onto the floor and making a gigantic mess.

# Changing bedsheets is one of the most horrible house chores ever invented. It irritates me to no end and makes me whine lots, and I don't exactly know why.

# Although, come to think of it, sleeping in a freshly made bed is really, really good. If only someone invented the self-changing-sheets-and-pillowcases bed. That's something every household needs.

# I sleep on my stomach, with my arms tucked underneath the pillow (picture me sort of clinging onto it, for lack of a better description.) I cannot sleep on my back. I can only sleep on my sides if I'm sort of half squashed on my stomach at the same time, in a sort of twist. No doubt this has done wonders for my poor back!

# When I'm in my bed, I find it immensely hard to get out of it again. Especially in mornings. Being able to sleep in is wonderful, wasteful but wonderful! I am very blessed to have a lovely (non creaky) bed that I can rest in each day. I mention non creaky because the current bed I owned, went through a phase of being rather noisy. For no reason, other than it began to fall apart after only a month of owning it. It took a case of beer and some hearty negotiation by my dad with the neighbours to have the metal re-welded together. It is now fabulous (and quiet!) once again.

And now, as I try and think of other interesting tidbits to add to this post, I have suddenly come to realise that the very call of bed is interfering with my creativity tonight. What dreams await tonight, I wonder? Perhaps they will allow me to finish off my last "Scribbling" -- seeing as that inspiration also came from the land of Nod. One can only hope!!

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~Kathryn~ said...

have i mentioned how much i love you !!!! (not just cos you said i was fantastic ;-)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

So cool that both you and your mother have a blog. What fun.

Me; I get "pillow-lash" (similar to whip-lash) (Yep - I made up the word) from the wrong kind of pillows...

jennifer said...

great scribbling. so many good thoughts about your bed, habits - personality even.

Hundred and one said...

It's always so interesting to read about peoples little habits. I enjoyed reading about yours. Great post!

shabby chic said...

I loved your analogy of your bed and the feelings therein...great imagery you created, I was there.

shabby chic

JavaCurls said...

Loved reading your cute bed tidbits! I completely agree with you about changing bed sheets too. LOL!!

Paris Parfait said...

Fascinating bits of info about your bed, sleeping habits - and your mom with a scrapbook page devoted to each person's sleeping habits! Lovely! Thanks for sharing these little "quirks." :)

Kamsin said...

I'm totally with you on the lighter clothes in bed thing, it has to be really, really, really cold for me to reach for warmer bed clothes and I'd much rather have an extra blanket to snuggle under. I think I tend to overheat really easily. Anyway, I need at least a sheet over me even when it's really hot, I need to feel something wrapping around me to get to sleep.
Btw, thanks for checking out my post.

Scott said...

Thanks for the post...fellow stomach sleepers unite!!! Of course, "they" say it will wrinkle us up but who are they anyway. Changing sheets/clean sheets...the ultimate pain versus pleasure!!!

boliyou said...

sounds like we have the same sleep habits. There's nothing like clutching your (freshly-laundered) pillow as you sink into sleep. I always end up hanging my toes off the end of the bed.

ally bean said...

You are so aware of how you sleep. That's cool. And I'm right there with you about changing the sheets-- I hate it but don't have a clue why I hate it.

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