How do I love Fridays? Let me count the ways..

1. They imply that maybe, just MAYBE, I will get to sleep in tomorrow without the dreaded alarm going off. This does not happen on any other day (even Sundays!)

2. I have a recess lunch duty WHICH means that I end up with the whole 40 minute lunch hour off. So good!

3. I get 1 hour "sort of off class but not". Which means I get the Aboriginal Awareness Aide come in and read Dreamtime stories to me and the kids, and then do art about them. So an hour off teaching is fantastic!!

And lastly, but certainly not er.. leastly:


Damn the stupidness which means that I only really get to see him on weekends - I know that's partly my fault because I'm so freaking exhausted after work, but. It just stinks.

I am sure there are more reasons I love Fridays but I'm having a mental blank AND I have 15 minutes to have a shower and get out of my lovely and squishy oversized Eeyore jumper and mismatched 3/4 PJ pants (not to mention the ugg boots as well). Why can't we just go in PJ's to work??

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