Rainy Days

Why is it that rainy days always make you think about things?

Not that you don't think of things on any normal day, but on rainy days I always seem to find myself pondering stupid little things. I couldn't remember all of them if I tried, but the thoughts are always there. I must have had a thousand little thoughts today. Some worries, some wishes, some joy, some wonder.

Why does thinking bring such good things, but also such confusion? And why do I think too much sometimes? If only the universe were clearer. Please be nice with my poem.

I look out the window;
Grey skies meet my gaze with silent gloom.
Clouds hang over the horizon,
Clouds hang over my head.

I look out the window;
Raindrops fall like teardrops gentle.
Whispers are in the wind,
Whispers are in my mind.

I look out the window;
Memories hovering on the horizon far.
Heavy hangs the misty air,
Heavy hangs my heart.

June, 2006.

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Tessenei said...

Beautiful, Aly. I really like it very much

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