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Haha, kids can be so cute.

When they're not yelling or making each other cry or beating each other up or crying, that is. I stayed back after school today to try and get some book marking done seeing as the next time I'm at school, I'll be having parent-teacher interviews so I needed to sort of impress, ha! My kids are pretty clever, most of them are naturally bright even if they don't do all the things that the new report cards say they should do. At least they like to write and attempt things. Which brings me to today's post, proudly sponsored by J. in my class's journal. Brought a smile to my face after sitting at my desk for over an hour ticking and sticking.

On the weekend I playd socr with my sitr. My sitr wun bcos I wet ese on hyo. i dont go hard on gurls inspeshlee my sitr. I thing it is men bcos thay can hot us wen thay get mad. My sitr is the best bcos she lockafdrme.

Is that not the cutest/funniest thing you've ever read? I'll now provide you with a translation, in case you couldn't quite read what J. was saying. I love, love, love that I've developed this teacher translation radar. It's quite handy to have around.

On the weekend I played soccer with my sister. My sister won because I went easy on her. I don't go hard on girls, especially my sister. I think it is mean because they can hurt us when they get mad. My sister is the best because she looks after me.

I burst out laughing reading the "They can hurt us when they get mad" part. Isn't that true of most females? How sweet of J. to LET his girly sister win, though. Bahaha! I must say, I've never actually heard of the word lockafdrme before, but it would be handy to have around. Squishing three words into one is a great time saver!

Whilst it's really cute and I find it amusing, please note that I am not making fun of dear J.'s writing. In fact, I'm really quite proud to say that the snippet above was only a teeny segment of his writing journal, which has come along way. And even though he has some spelling issues, he makes attempts to write all the words, and it still comes across as making sense.

Proud teacher. Yep. But also an amused one!

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Ngaire Brown said...

That is so very cute. It is amazing how sme kids will try to write all of the words even though they have no idea how to spell things. They should definetly be rewarded for their determination.
Good luck with Parent Teacher Interviews.

Aly said...

Thanks Ngaire! Yep, I was very impressed - he's a good kid, tries hard.

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