Very deviant

I got bored yesterday afternoon.

So I decided to do two things. First, sign up for the whole DeviantArt thingy so I could comment on Jen's pictures and photographs. Second, make the potato bake. I actually did both. Are you proud?

Endeavour 1: The Deviantness.

You can visit my DeviantArt page by clicking on this very PRETTY PRETTY link right here. I don't have any skills in editing or anything other than clicking the camera and hitting the resize button, so don't expect wonders. But I'll add some random photos up whenever I get the chance. It's something fun and different. And woo! I have 20 page views in one day. I feel special!

Endeavour 2: The Potato Bake.

Sit back, enjoy and let me provide you with a small step by step (in big jumps) commentary of the whole ordeal.

Step 1: Find suitable potatoes ready to peel. Remember to pull up jumper sleeve even if it is cold. Otherwise it will get wet. True! Also get onions out, which you will actually not use because there are these wonderful things called "frozen sliced onions". So really, those onions in the pantry are for display only. No wonder they are growing things.

Step 2: Make sure your microwave is still in it's correct spot. If it is, take a picture of it just to set your mind at ease. (Including horrid reflection of yourself optional.) Realise just how dirty the outside of said microwave is, and put on to-do list. Or at least, someone else's to-do list.

Step 3: Peel the five thousand potatoes. Add flavouring by shaving off some of the skin off your left thumb for optional taste benefits. Chop up into teeny tiny pieces until a) They are all chopped, b) The knife breaks or c) Your hand falls off.

Step 4: Add things from your freezer - that wonderful invention known as frozen sliced onions, as well as some frozen diced bacon. Shove into bowl, slosh around. Add some cream and cheese and you're almost done. (You know, this wasn't so hard after all! Especially since I had thrown a tantrum and by now given the job of finishing off the Potato Bake to my mum, whose hands you can see in this picture.) Throw in the microwave.

Step 5: And there you have it. Potato Bake! Except by now we were so hungry that we just ate it with our chicken and bread rolls and took no pictures.

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Jen said...

You're such a dorkface. *giggles* I quite enjoyed that, you should do photo commentary more often :D

Rowie said...

They make frozen sliced Onions??? Wow! How did I miss that? I think I am going to need this recipe...

~Kathryn~ said...

notice mothers double chin - this comes from eating too much of aforementioned creamy potato bake :-)

Cate said...

Hahaha--I'm cracking up over this, esp. Step #3 and the fact that you ate the finished product before you took pictures! I'll bet that it was delicious--I think I'll give it a try this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration (and tutorial!). xo

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