Completely hijacked randomness

Perfect for a (not so) lazy Saturday morning. Well, darn, it's now afternoon since I forgot to do this before. Ho-Hum.

I am currently;


Well, I have been singing to SingStar (since we have discovered that even though we blew up the MAIN television we can still use MY television, aint that wonderful?) but since I got sick of hearing myself through the microphone, I'm currently HEARING mum singing along to "Suspicious Minds". I rather like that on MOST of the songs I've tried today, I'm a SingStar. Too much time perhaps?

Er, I'm also enjoying a teenybopper moment or three, with Panic! At the Disco. Yeah, I know. You don't need to say anything to that one. And on a NON-teenybopper note, I'm getting down to the Scissor Sisters. I still take credit for discovering "Laura" a billion years ago, so nyer.

I'm mid-way through Season 4 of ER at the moment. Yes, Yes, I have the world's biggest "to-watch" DVD list. I'll get there. I have two weeks of nothingness ahead of me! NOTHINGNESS! This is another joy of being a school teacher. Holidays, I love thee!

I have Anna Karenina sitting on a shelf, which I have just started but can't seem to find the time to sit down and decipher properly. It's not one of those books which I can cruise through, which I tend to do with most of my reading. I'm a speedy chook. That book? Makes me read things twice. Damn fine print messin' with my eyes.

I also am about to start re-reading my Clan of the Cave Bear and Outlander series again, just because I can. Possibly Harry Potter again too. From the beginning, since I have a weird obsession with not being able to just start reading any book from a series. Nope, I have to go right back to the beginning.

Um. Muscles? And a teaching programme for next term? And an interesting blog? Or not?

Listening to John Mayer's new album; Continuum. He's wonderful; that voice can serenade me anytime, anywhere. I'm still beyond pissed off about missing his concert next month. Can someone please organise me a private concert? Okay, thanks.

Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni. From Lite and Easy. Sadly, it left much to be desired, and I am craving something NICER now. Damnit.

Pepsi. Someone left it in the fridge and I had a weird craving so I have now drunk it all. Water to wash it down with, promise.

Results after going to the gym six days in a row. Go me! Now, where is that flat tummy? And why have I still got the hugest ass around?

Also. School holidays. 'Nuff said.


I'm thinking about taking a nice long spa bath. With a book; one of the ones I talked about before will do fine.

I'm thinking about the $230 pair of Nike runners I saw last weekend and the fact that now I CAN'T stop thinking about them and should have bought them. I need to plan a shopping trip.

I'm thinking that if I can save my hiney off, I can have my car paid off by its one year anniversary next May. Won't that be nice!


Jason. As always. He is funny and he makes me smile. And I see him tonight. That is good!

This blog, because it keeps me occupied and I find it amazing that I meet new people through it all the time and NEW PEOPLE ARE GOOD! Hi new people!

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