Should I be worried?

I have had my fairly run-of-the-mill blog visitors lately.

Mainly the usual "Black Fingernails/Red Wine" OR "Flawed Design" OR "The Fray lyrics" that always end up here.

But of course, I've had some classics thrown in there too. I am a wee bit concerned with these two;


"contiki, jase, love"

Hmm. I wonder if we're talking about the same Jase here? Because I LOVE my JASE and we went on a CONTIKI tour together. I certainly don't remember you being there as well, mysterious person, unless you were involved in the drunken nights in either a) France, b) Italy or c) Amsterdam. Then I'll just have to take your word for it. Yipes.

"jase, contiki, sex"

Okay, I really think it'd be a good idea to post a comment with your name next time. Just so I know. You know how it is. Hey, Jase DID do a Contiki tour on his own before we started dating. Excuse me for a moment, won't you? -Gets out the sharpened bamboo torturing sticks-

And now, for the amusing and sometimes plain weird blog searches.

"australian idol dean geyer flip "video"

Ooh. I have to say, I've gone a bit off Australian Idol at the moment (gasp!) because of the whole judges favouritism thing (LISA MITCHELL, PISS OFF, YOU'RE BORING.) but I still like me a bit of Dean viewing every Sunday night. For those of you wondering what a "flip" video is? He sung a Gloria Estefan number for the Disco show, and did two neat-o little backflips. See? I will stop snickering like a girl soon, I promise.


"dean geyer photos"

Can't really help you there; Jase would yell at me. Although after his apparent Contiki rompings (!!) perhaps I should be entitled to some blog goodness. Fine. Just look up. I've even included his butt-crack. What's that? You need another one? Well, I suppose one won't hurt. I aim to please.


"buenos dias mi amor."

And good morning to you too, my love. Have a nice day, now!

"how train your puppy to be the best bevived puppy ever"

To be honest, aside from the brain-hurting grammar, I don't know what this means. Bevived is a friend of mine (Hi, Viv!) - and I don't think she trains puppies for a living. Perhaps this person meant BEHAVED? But while we're on that note, I'd love for you to buy me a puppy. Thanks ever so much.

"humourous and cryptic sayings"

If I were feeling more creative, I'd think of a witty and interesting saying that is both humourous AND cryptic, but alas! My brain is smoosh. If you find a good site, please let me know.

"amy lee" would be a nice one to meet. I just want to kiss her one time...then I'll stop I promise."

Jeepers kids, I think we have a stalker on our hands. Poor Amy (of Evanescence fame, for the not so musically inclined) - perhaps I should forward this on to the band email? I love the not-so-confident "I promise" tacked on to the end. It's a bit like me with movie popcorn, and we all know how this goes. "I just want another handful of movie popcorn, and then I'll stop... I promise." Don't hold your breath.


And in other completely random news, I find it really alarming that all it takes is to hear the dialogue from my all-time favourite movie to prompt me into spontaneous bouts of tears. And then hearing Sarah McLachlan in the movie too, certainly doesn't help.

But, but, they loved each other! They fought a fair bit, and he was a stalker and she was a bitch who went and slept with that other doctor anyway, but then he JUMPED OFF A BUILDING FOR HER. And then they made beautiful love on a fluffy rug in a cabin in LAKE TAHOE and then he had a shower and smiled a lot and she had to go and get herself killed and ruin the whole movie which makes me cry, but really that leaves Seth for me in my dreams. Le sigh.

I think I'm having severe bouts of PMS. How did this post go so horribly and terribly off-track? Apologies, folks.

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kirby said...

I'm kind of glad I don't get the "hey - you look like amy lee!" thing anymore...
Well.. with the exceptions of Brad and Mike....
But hey, If he was cute I'd stand in for the dark, I'm sure you can't tell we're different people...


LaLa said...

Gah. I HATE Dinn on Idol... he CAN'T sing. Sorry blossy, I hate to hurt your feelings but teenage girls with mobile phones NEED TO STOP VOTING FOR HIM.

Teacher Jane said...

I did a Contiki, too!

May/June 2003, European Contrasts.

Wahhh I heard my morning song on the radio last night and almost cried.

Viviane said...

Haha that is awesome! Bevived puppies!

30andflirty said...

that last one cracked me up! You were a bit 'random' and you didn't even warn us! Hope school goes well this week! :)

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