The Running (Wo)Man

I have totally impressed myself this morning.

I'm going to the gym later this afternoon - (blah, blah, I know, everyone is tired of the gym but I AM PROUD so it will continue to be non-subtly hinted in practically every blog post) (oh, and don't you think that warrants a present?) (size 9, please) - because I'm waiting to go with my mum.

By the way, I've decided that it's much better when you can do it with someone else. Especially if that someone makes fun of the way you do your leg lifts (it's NOT MY FAULT I am an unco-ordinated freak, alright?) and makes you nearly fall off the cardio boards in laughter. Oh, and who bitches about the other gym patrons while you're stretching out on the mats after your workout. Good times.

But, school goes back in a couple of days - which means that I'll end up by my lonesome at the gym again. Mum goes in the mornings before work, but that's the time I LEAVE for work, so I drop by on my way home from school.

Geez I'm good at going off-track. Ramblings, indeed.

Anyway, I thought this morning that I would start doing some school stuff. "Thought" being the operative word in that sentence. Here's what ended up happening instead;

  • I managed to clean my side table, including sorting out all my old tax bits and new tax bits. I also got all my payslips organised in a folder, as well as bank statements. What can I say, I'm a good procrastinator.

  • I went through my old lesson plans from my teaching pracs last year, and also the ones I made up earlier in the year. (How sad that I rarely use lesson plans these days; instead, I use bigger daybooks. I guess it happens when you get lazy you get more confident with routines and term plans and all the rest. Anyway, I'll need these for my Accreditation when I actually get my head around it all.

  • I finished ER Season 4, and began Season 1 of House.

  • I dug out my Teachers Accreditation booklet to start looking at, and ended up staring at a blank writing document for about half an hour. I don't actually think I'm smart enough for this. Seriously.

  • I got dressed for gym.

  • I got hungry and went downstairs to find a snack, but got sidetracked by the "Top 13 Boy Bands" special that was playing on MusicMax.

And then for some reason completely foreign to me, the treadmill started calling me. Can you imagine? I walked past it a couple of times, thinking to myself "Why the heck would I want to use this now? I'm going to the GYM today." But like I said, it was calling me. So I figured; what the heck.

I didn't spend long on it. Only 15 minutes. But you know what? I ran the entire time! RAN! Not at Superman speed or anything, but I RAN! With my legs bouncing, not just a shuffley fast walk/run! I bouncy ran! RAN! For 15 minutes! Without stopping! I got sweaty! Running!

I could only ever run for little teeny gaps in between my walking before. Perhaps even though I still look like a marshmallow (wo)man, the gym has given me some muscles that I didn't have before. Or perhaps I could always do it, but I just didn't have the motivation to do it. I don't know. But I toppled got off the treadmill with the biggest smile on my face.

Also: I didn't get any programming done.
Also: If I get woken up tonight by leg cramps, please remind me why.

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Ngaire said...

You go girl!Even if you dont have anything to teach next term at least you will be fit and healthy!

LaLa said...

Maybe you could become a model instead of a teacher, for surely soon you will be WHIPPET thin?

kirby said...

there was a boyband special on music max?!
WHY OH WHY OH WHY do I miss these things...

Aimee said...

I'm soooo jealous. I wanna be fit! But, alas, the tendency to be lazy is just built in too deeply to be changed just yet. :) ha!

Desiree said...

You are getting fitter, your lungs are improving and your heart is stronger! Running for a full 15 minutes is awesome, good show!

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