And with a flourish, I shall unveil to one and all..

My most recent attempt at blog re-decorating!

And now, me and my insecure personality would like your verdict, please and thankyou.

Is it decent?
Is is making you want to shut down your computer and run for the hills?
Is it so overwhelmingly purple and girly and omg! that it makes your eyeballs bleed?
Is it oh-so-pretty and makes you want to stay forever and ever?

Okay, if none of the above fit, please add your own. Comments welcomed on this one, folks. (Well, DUH.)

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LaLa said...

Oh no, I likes it. Yes, yes, it can stay.

Jen said...

ZOMG your blog matches my hair.

My streaks are the same colour (as the purple, not white).

Nicole P. said...

Looks good! I like the top bar!

Oh and 2nd season of Grey's here. Only 3rd episode tonight.

~Kathryn~ said...

its purple
and pretty

Kathy F said...

It's purpliscious!!!and I Lurve it!

Aimee said...

I LOVE daisies. It's just perfect. :)
And I love alphabetical order! I'm first! hee!

Isabel said...

It's lovely!

Ngaire said...

Love it! You have gotta keep it!

Viviane said...

I like it. I like purple. *nods*

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