Baby Love!

Today was a really nice first day back.

Obviously not as nice as holidays, but I think we all knew that.

First off, it helps to have six or seven blossoms away. It is amazing (say it with me now - UH MAYZ ING!) what a difference it makes having a couple of kids away. The classroom is completely different. Not silent or anything, but just nicer.

Again, it looks like they have all grown at least two inches over the holidays. I always feel surprised how good it is to see them again, acting all clucky-like. I'll bet someone a cheeseburger (or not) that the lovey-dovey feelings will be gone by the end of the week!

I laid down some rules today - actually, let me re-word that. More like expectations for the term. First up was that they really need to walk in two lines properly; it sounds so simple but it drives me crazy when they talk, all the time. And when the Year 2 boys think it's fun to push and shove each other. Yarrrr. Second was that I'm going to be a fussy teacher, because if their work is messy? I will not be marking it.

Mean? Probably, since it WAS the first day back and all. But I plan on getting as much work and assessment done as possible this term. I really want to be offered something at that school next year, since it would be a pain starting brand new somewhere else, and because I am comfortable. Plus, the less stressful I am, the better!

All day today, one of my kids was going on and on about his brand new baby brother. His mum is one of the nicest parents I've met so far. She has two boys already, and had just found out she was expecting another boy. Anyway, all I kept hearing about today from E. was this; "Miss, he's another me! He's just like me! Everyone says it's me all over!" Whilst E. is a nice kid, he's an.. unusual one, for lack of a better words. So of course I was curious to see the next little prodigy.


I am smitten.

I want one.

Can someone please send me a beautiful sized baby, all snuggley and yawny and tired and absolutely quiet? I'm in love. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs M, and little E. #2, who was born exactly a week ago.

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Hana said...

aww how sweeeet!! :)

no, no, no ... no baby!
i like others having them, me keeping them when they're cute *then* when they're annoying snots saying "here take your child back"

ah yes, good stuff.

Aimee said...

I think I'll just send you the puppy. :)

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