Blah Blah Gym Blah Blah

I refuse to talk about CARS in this entry.

Maybe if I pretend they don't exist, I'll stop feeling so crappy about the whole mess?

Or not.

Let me just talk about gym instead. And whinge. Because that's what I do best.

Aside from the occassional pulled muscle, I'm really enjoying it. I'm going four-five times per week at the moment, hoping to make it EXACTLY five once school settles down again. And while I haven't given up on getting fitter (and I shall not!) I have still found things that piss me off about it.

Who would've thought? Me? Pissed off at things? Never! Here are just a couple, off the top of my head. Feel free to post your own additions in the comments, let's share the grouchiness.

# The ladies that work at the gym who were oh-so-friendly when we were in the process of joining, and now can barely be bothered to muster up a smile as I walk in and out. (With the exception of once nice lady, who I don't see that often.)

# The fact that it's more popular now and is almost always busy.

# A very beautiful relative of mine DID end up joining, and now I must watch her perfectness bouncing around in front of me, without a single drop of sweat or hair out of place.

# Other people who don't sweat or get hairs out of place or at least look tired. Freaks of nature.

# The fact that I DO look drenched, red faced and puffy by my second time around the weights circuit.

# Sweaty people (myself not included!) that leave gross marks and smelliness on the machines before you.

# People who take their sweet time moving their ass to the next station, so by the time you get started on your workout, the bloody change time sounds. SO IRRITATING.

# Camel toes.

# G-Strings over the top of tracksuit pants.

# Camel toes.

# People working out in Converse shoes. The horror!

# Camel toes.

# The ladies that don't even bother working up a smile when you're facing them and have nothing else to look at.

# When people older than me are craploads fitter than me.

# The fact that I'm terrified of driving through any carparks right now because of what happened on Sunday.

Shit. Well, at least I almost finished the entry without talking about cars. As for news? Who the hell knows. I'm going to go and bury my head in the sand for a while.

Damn, this blog got depressing fast. I need someone to hook up my new DVD player pronto, I'm going into withdrawals. MUST WATCH TV. NEED GREYS ANATOMY. MUST WATCH NOW AND THEN. CHEESY MOVIES CURE ALL. WAHHHHH.

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Ngaire said...

Aly it is normal to feel like that when you have had an accident. Its fine. It took me months to drive through the intersection where I had my accident.
Ewwk to the stinky sweaty women!

kirby said...

I don't have anything to add to the gym thing..I'm still a bit like homer simpson and call it a Giiiime...
HOWEVER... now and then, oh my gosh...most awesome movie...

~Kathryn~ said...

i hear you with the gym - i followed a young girl with 'sweaty hands' around the circuit this morning ewwwwwww is all i can say
and double ditto with the slow ones who hold up YOUR routine while they take their sweet time - bugs the crap out of me too !!!!

LaLa said...

What about the laydeez that parade arounf the changeroom NEKKID. And then they bend over to put on some moisturiser, ALMOST IN YOUR FACE?!

Dude, put that hoohoo away. We've all got one.

janet said...

I hate the gym too! Luckily my gym is 80% gay guys so I can look as ugly as I please!

Aimee said...

Stupid other women who are fit! I'm totally with you - Chance and I went walking yesterday and 90% of the women were RUNNING and being all skinny - and I really want to trip them...or ask how many times a day they run around that park, so I can be just like them. :)

Desiree said...

There needs to be jym rules. Bring a towel and USE IT. Wear appropriate undergaments and do not let us see them. Do not let it all hang out in the locker room. And so forth. But I commend your motivation.

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...


Before about a year ago I had never even HEARD the term Camel toe and had NO idea what it meant. After hearing it at work numerous times(refering to one of the bigwigs) and finally having it 'click' what it meant my face still hasn't gone back to normal from the shocked look. It became such an inside joke for so long when I left my coworkers bought a going away cake and such. After said big wig left they put that stuff away and broke out another one with following bad(but funny) poem.

"We know youll miss us and really scared to go, but you will be okay cause you are tough like camel toe."

you probably had to be there, but it still cracks me up. No pun inten.......okay guilty!


Pezza said...


on being a teach. I now think you have the god given right to be a whinger.
Good luck with the gym thing. Sounds like fun. I think you have to have a thing for sweaty bodies.
You'll get over the carpark thing. Have faith. I realise I am A year late with this reply, buts that's the way I am with with computers and such.
Go long, gotta love the ginges

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