Why must holidays be so fickle?

Why can't they get over their committment issues and just stay forever and ever? What's so hard about staying with one person for the rest of their lives, and co-existing in peace and harmony? Huh?

Tomorrow is Term 4. That means work. That means getting up early again. That means kiddies, and hopefully kiddie stories. That means HOT HOT classroooms with no air conditioning. Good times ahead. Oh the bright side though; 10 weeks, and that's it for the year. Pretty awesome.

Since I'm in a lethargic and very, very moody state of mind today, I'll follow on with the whole randomness trend. Here we go;

  • Jason and I saw World Trade Center last night. And I cried. It's so sad. And it had Nicolas Cage, and he is one of my favourite actors. And the little girl at the end; Olivia? Looks like one of the kids that goes to the school's pre-school. Gorgeous.

  • I've become completely obsessed with that Teddy Geiger song - For You I Will. "I'm wandering the streets in a world underneath it all; But nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet as what I can't have; Like you and the way that you're twisting your hair around your finger; But tonight I'm not afraid to tell you what I feel about you." It's so beautiful. I love it!

  • My nails are slowly growing again. Thankyou, Sally Hanson.

  • I wish I could sing like Sarah McLachlan in Fear. If I could sing like that, I would walk around the streets simply singing it. Just because I could. Haunting. "But I fear I have nothing to give; I have so much to lose here in this lonely place; Tangled up in our embrace; There's nothing I'd like better than to fall."

  • I really should get over the whole song lyrics thing. I did tell you I was moody.

ey look! Rabbits! Yum."

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Viviane said...

Your pets are adorable!!
I should make a pile of books I am currently reading and of those I have yet to start. I just bought four more the other day.

Jen said...

Aww, your bunnies look happy in their new home. I didn't realise you'd get it so quickly!

LaLa said...

Books, I love books. I am staring at that photo with want!

Thanks for my pic, I've never thought of taking a semi dark foot photo!

30andflirty said...

I heart randomness. And that rabbit home! How cute! My bunny didn't have anything nearly as nice. But he did like being able to feel the grass underneath him.

Teacher Jane said...

That Teddy Geiger song, for about a month or so in May-June, was my official workout song. I'd set it up on repeat on my iPod and run/walk/ellipticize/lift to it for forty minutes every couple of days.

I still love it, but not for forty minutes straight.

Amie said...

Sarah McLachlan is my goddess...and that's one of my favorite songs of hers. My absolute favorite is Ice...same album.

Ngaire said...

Cool photos Aly!
Have fun going back to work tomorrow.

Jozefa said...

Hi, i stumbled across your blog. I am moving to brooklyn, and have to find a way to put my rabbits outside without them running off or getting eaten. Your outside bunny home thing looks wonderful and perfect!!! where did you get it?? do they have a website?? how big is it??
im sorry for bothering you, but it would really help me out!!
thanks so much


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