I am a twit.

Yes, indeed I am.

Today is rather humid, and most likely over the 30o (celcius) mark (in Spring!) which basically means, it's pretty fucking hot.

I ventured into the depths of the freezer and came out with some old ice blocks from last summer. Taste tested one, it was pretty good, I didn't die, so all was okay. It was an Orange flavoured Sunny Boy. Basically, a triangular chunk of ice with orange flavouring.

It's been a long time since I enjoyed an ice block. It always reminds me back to my own primary school days, where you could buy a whole ice block for 10c. Le sigh. Those were the days!

All was well. I was savouring every lick, enjoying the coldness. Until I realised that half of the ice block was not actually edible anymore (unless one has teeth of metal) because the freezer had REALLY frozen the poor thing. I was about to throw it away, when I suddenly discovered that down the bottom of the packaging, there was some of that orangey liquidy goodness. So, I did what any normal person would (haha, or not.)

I tipped the iceblock sideways. And proceeded to spill orange goop on my NEW SEXY JOGGERS, ohemgee. Frantically, I dodged the clothing piles on the floor and reached for a tissue, and at the same time proceeded to give myself frostburn in one hand from holding the chunk of ice formerly known as a Sunny Boy.

Crisis averted; thankfully the liquid had missed the fabric part of my joggers and gotten the plastic instead. Phew.

You would think I would learn? Hah. Apparently not.

I tried again. And this time, proceeded to spill the goop all over my gym pants and shirt.

Yeah, yeah. After running downstairs and throwing them all in the wash (before said goopy orangey stuff could set and stain all my clothes) I came back up. The Sunny Boy was sitting innocently propped up against my computer monitor. We stared at each other, neither one moving.

And then I did what had to be done.

Grabbed the chunk of ice with both hands, chucked the packaging away and proceeded to suck every last drop of orange liquid from the ice block, before happily going on my way.

Summer. Mmmbleh.

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Tasmiya said...

I remember the Sunny Boys although in my day they were much bigger and I think sold for 15 c. The apple and blackberry ones were by far the best.
Glad to hear your pricey shoes are OK. Come to think of it, at that price, they should be self-cleaning or something :P

LaLa said...

Seriously, girls?

I think they were like FIVE CENTS when I was at school. And I vividly remember my brother donking me on the head with one. Frozen of course.

Sunnyboys - Shitting people off for at least 26 years!

(And yeah, it was fucking hot, I had to powder my face every bloody half hour today. Goddamn makeup and the corporate world and client visits)

Aimee said...

Okay, now you have to post a picture of a Sunny Boy because you eating a block of ice that's orange and drippy isn't quite as vivid as it should be!

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