Warning: Rant below.

//Begin Rant:

What the fuck is WRONG with you, Australia?

Bobby? YOU WOULD VOTE OUT BOBBY? I hope you forever suffer bad hair days for the rest of your life. BOBBY. I think you are wonderful Bobby. I hope you get signed and sell a million more records than the washed-up Australian Idol winner from this year, who we probably won't remember this time next year (unless that person is Dean, and then I will shut up.)

If I ever see Lisa fucking Mitchell in the street, I'm going to slap her and then push her over. And restrain the urge to kick her while she's down.

//End Rant:

This blog really does not condone violence. Except in regards to Australian Idol because OH MY GOD. I can't talk about it anymore.

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Ngaire said...

I hear you sister!

~Kathryn~ said...

un-fucking-believable !!!!!

the only saving grace is that they are letting him sing tonight - i was heartbroken at the thought of not seeing him live

if i see lisa - i'll give her a little kick for you !!!

love ya

kirby said...

Even I ranted about Bobby going before Lisa...
grrr Lisa... I want to break her guitar. I figure the way she's talked about it all series, it must play an integral part in keeping her alive, or atleast upright... OK, I'll go with motivated. Maybe if it broke, she'd loose all will to ever sing again.
AHAH. yuss!

Jess said...


Hate to laugh but... firstly... I agree that Lisa Mitchell sucked... but I didn't think Bobby was much better. Sure he had a decent voice but.. if I heard him slaughter another classic (superfreak, Rhiannan.. come ON now... how dare he even TRY!) I probably would have done the same as you threaten to do to Lisa Mitchell.

In saying that, after Damien is gone, I dont think I'll bother with Idol.

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