Just call me Rudolph

Psh! The perils of trying to get fit!

I went out for the afternoon to a backyard barbeque for one of Jason's workmates. Would you believe that this is the first time I've actually met any of them, despite us being together for over four years? Crazy. They have apparently called me "The Invisible Girlfriend", implying Jase made me up. Ha!

So of course beforehand, I was trying to get the whole dutiful girlfriend vibe going on - stressing for ages about what to wear, trying to get my hair nice, you know, the general paranoia of the most shy social butterfly ever.

I had a great time! Despite the hot / cold / just decide on a damn temperature sort of weather, it was very small and the guys were very friendly. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, which was nice. Add in a table tennis area to keep me occupied, as well as a yummy double tiered cake, and there were no complaints from me (except for the tiredness). I was even happy with my hair and felt generally okay, until I looked in the car mirror ON THE WAY HOME and realised I have a nose that is comparable to Rudolph.

I know Christmas isn't that far away, but seriously.

It's so bad that I tried to take photos of it, but all that it managed to show was that I am apparently quite blotchy. My hair is kinda nice though, I like that it went the right way for once. Doesn't happen often.

And look! Pretty certificate! Red nose! If you close one eye, squint a bit and look directly into the sunlight, I even look fitter too! Hoorah!

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30andflirty said...

congrats on the running (and certificate!) You totally look fitter - especially holding the certificate. Pretty hair, and even a pretty red nose. Not fair!

Ngaire Brown said...

He he he your nose matches my hair!;)

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