Sorry to interrupt.

But I must bring you a special (whingy) bulletin.

Well really? Not so special.

But after a day of tension, nerves, a broken DVD player, hour-long phone calls being shipped between insurance companies, a $1000 excess fee that I have to pay EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT AT FAULT FROM THE ACCIDENT, as well as stomach aches, headaches and sore feet?

I'm officially taking a night off blogging. Right now, bed has never looked so good. Neither has a cask of wine, however sleep has been declared the winner for now.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming..

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LaLa said...

Misery loves company.

I cried at work today... Here's hoping tomorrow is much sunnier for the both of us! xx

Hana said...


you're kidding right? :(
i'm sorry to hear that alynda, i hope you feel better soon and the bad driver gets her drivers license revoked even sooner...

Ngaire said...

Bugger about the excess.

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