Bad Luck Sunday.

My beautiful car was smashed into this morning.

I was driving to the local shopping centre to pick up the damn joggers that were put in to bereplaced oh, about 10 days ago now. We all know my rants about idiot drivers? And about Rebel Sport? Hmm.

I was driving down a straight road in the centre carpark. There are lots of little streets that come off that road, and the cars on those smaller roads have to give way to MY road (the bigger, straighter road). Basically, cars waiting to turn onto the main road simply have to open their eyes, check both ways, and turn when they are able to. Pretty standard car park layout.

Unless you are a moron on one of the side streets who does not brake at intersections and likes to plough right into other cars who are minding their own business. WAHHHHHHHH.

Here's a drawing. Enlarge for clearness.

Even though it wasn't a major traffic accident and things seemed okay, it was actually worse than what it looked. She hit me square on the tyre (with no brakes, so fairly hard) which just shattered the hubcap completely. Also scratched the paint on the hood, tyre guard and passenger door. But the wheel itself? Can't drive on it. I got about 50 metres up the road and then panicked, the sounds and the vibrations were just not right.

We had to have it towed, because it was wobbling all over the place. The tow driver thinks the car will have mechanical problems too, mentioned something about the steering and something else that is all connected to the wheels? I can't understand mechanical terms and I had grease on my hands.



My baby is barely six months old. BRAND NEW. And someone does this. I'm just hoping insurance fixes it soon, and thank goodness that we have a spare car at home I can use for work because otherwise? I'd be screwed.

Please keep my car in your thoughts (not important in the grand scheme of things, but important to me!) that everything will be fixed quickly, and WELL. I'm covered fully, but I don't want to be without my baby forever. I'm sitting here in a bit of shock actually. I can't believe my car isn't in the driveway where it should be, it's sitting in some towing garage somewhere, waiting for insurance instructions. How the heck did this happen?

The moral to the story? IT'S ALL REBEL SPORT'S FAULT. Don't buy shoes from them because they suck. And beware of idiot drivers. Sadly, they're breeding. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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Kathy F said...

Aly, How awful!!! Drivers like that should be banned ! or made to give you their car until yourds is fixed. I hope it is fixable and that it is like new again very soon.

Ngaire said...

Oh bugger Aly! I hope you are ok. Lets hope the turd who did this and the person who ran a red light and caused me to have my car written off when I had only had it for 4 momths can rot in that where ever place together! HOpe it gets fixed soon.

Jess said...

Send Rebel sports the bill for that too. :( im so sorry about your bad luck :(

LaLa said...

I bet she got her license from that asshole at the RTA.

They are probably LOVAAAARS.

I hate their gutses for you mon petit cherie.


SkinFluteSymphony said...

Sadly, you are probably not this drivers first victim, nor will you be the last. Hope insurance helps you out

Belinda Howlett said...

far out!!!!! bloody idiot!!!! her not you!
was you hair still crimped???

janet said...

I am so sorry that happened! Ugh, that sucks a lot!

30andflirty said...

That is CRAPPY! Poor car! Glad you escaped unscathed. (and really, was your hair still crimped?) I'm with Lala, it's the RTA's fault. Bitches. :P
Sending get well wishes to your baby!!

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

Safe to say that sucks. I am glad to hear that you are not hurt at least. I had mine totalled about 3 years ago in much the same way. You don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it anymore.I don't know how it is there but the worst part here was dealing with the insurance company. Again, so glad to hear you are okay.


Jen said...

Bad Rebel. Bad person that crashed into your car. *shakes fist*

*hugs* Im sorry moo, I know you love your car.

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