Damnit Rebel Sport!

I'm sure you remember the sexy runners?

Yes, the sexy, EXPENSIVE runners? The ones that BROKE? Well. Drama, drama, drama.

We went shopping today, to find 80's style outfits. So far, I think we have a pretty good idea. You know the Wham! filmclip, heeeee the Jitterbug song (excuse me while I break out into dance bounces) - the dress up shop had really boring plain white shirts with GO-GO on the front. Hee. We're boring so we hired those, and we're going to go black leggings, with a teeny skirt over the top. Oh, and I have a wide red belt and red jewellery to match. And I need to find some red pump-style shoes.

I'm going to be the biggest dag. Now to find sexy crimpy hairstyles. Because crimping is going to be the highlight of my night.

Anyway, that's the idea so far. Still open to anything quick and easy.  And if anyone has a pair of high top red Chuck Taylors in a size 9, I'd love to borrow 'em.

So yes. Back to the shoes. Which I bought at REBEL SPORT. Hmph. We all know my deal with blogging about my pitiful customer service problems. I have more to share with you.

Since I'm too lazy to post it twice, I'll just copy and paste the email I just sent off to their customer service team. And add bits in bold.


Hi there (Friendly enough greeting, no?)

I would like to submit a customer concern, as I am not very happy (fucking pissed off, rather) after an incident this evening. Last week I purchased a pair of Womens Nike runners (Max Tail Wind 5 Plus, Size 9), which I paid $229.95 for, whilst shopping at your P. NSW store. (town blacked out for the stalkers, ya'll.)

After wearing the joggers on two-three occassions, I noticed that the stitching surrounding part of the laces, as well as some on the side of the tongue had come undone. (I also swore lots, when I saw the shoes had fallen apart.) After paying such a large amount of money, I called the P. store back to ask what could be done. They were very helpful, told me that unfortunately they did not have a Size 9 shoe to replace it with, as they were out of stock. They also informed me that the nearest store to me that carried this size was the Mid-City store, which is nowhere near my living area. (Read my lips; I am not travelling to the city for a pair of shoes, no matter how cute they may be. Unless they're giving them to me with a mighty big discount.)

After I enquired as to whether I could just return the shoes at my nearest store, they gave me directions to the MD store. This evening, I took the shoes to that store to return them, as well as my original reciept.

Here I was told that I was unable to get a refund, would I like to change the shoes to a different pair. I told them I would not, as I had tried on nearly all styles when I was originally having fittings done, and I would just like to either refund the shoes OR get another pair shipped in, if that were possible. (I like THOSE sexy shoes and I just want a pair that DON'T fall apart, is THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?)

I was told that this would take 5-10 working days, and since I required a new pair of runners before then, I told them I would just like a refund. (I think I started glaring at this point.)

To this they responded that they could not do this; instead, the shoes must be shipped somewhere, observed to see that they were really "faulty" and that I could come back next week to get my return then. (I got pissed off then. And mum told me I was acting like an idiot, but I was still pissed off. And glaring. Why not? The fuckers wouldn't give me my money back!)

The store took the shoes, and gave me back my receipt, which I was not happy with - as even though I had proof of purchase, who was to say that I had actually returned the shoes at all? They did lodge a notice in their diary, however I am still not happy with this service. The shoes had been worn on two occassions, and the only damage was in regards to the glue/stitching. (I JUST WANT THE DAMN SHOES ALREADY.)

I am currently left with nothing. (Except a really, really big attitude.) I am uncomfortable with having $229.95 of my money NOT credited to me. In the meantime, I have no runners for sporting purposes AND I am unable to look around for a new pair, seeing as the money was not refunded to me and I do not have the funding to purchase another pair. (I do, but that is NOT the point. Seriously.)

I also have to go back out of my way at a later date simply to return to the store, and have them refund me. (Yes, I am a lazy bitch, but it's true. The less time I have to spend in MD, the better.) The staff at the MD store were not particularly helpful and showed no understanding of my concerns. (All I can say is KARMA bitches, KARMA.) I must add that the staff at P. were very helpful from the original purchase date as well as over the phone.

I would like to speak further to the appropriate person about this, as I am feeling very dissatisfied with my Rebel purchase, as well as uncomfortable about my lack of purchase/refund money.

Thanking you.



So? Am I allowed to be pissed off? They wouldn't just give me the damn money back, because the shoes apparently needed to be checked. THE STAFF ALL HAD EYES, as far as I could see. Could they not look in the damn box and observe? "Wow. That lace is broken. I think they're faulty. Let's give this nice lady her money back."

Not impressed.

Rebel Sport, I am not coming back to you anytime soon. I'll keep you informed of anything I hear. Roar.

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Desiree said...

Yikes. Sorry for the craptastic customer service. I have a totally unrelated question, however. What is a "dag"? You call yourself one in this post and I know that it is slang for something I just need to know what. You see, my middle name is Dagmar and I quite like it. I used to think I would get vanity plates or something that said "Dag" or that that would be my pen name but then someone told me that in means something HORRIBLE in other places and I have been wondering for nearly half my life now.

LaLa said...

Haha. Not at your pain... but I DO happen to deal with Rebel Sport and have their HR Managers name and number.. let me see what investigation I can do!

kris said...

I'd be furious. I don't think my car cost that much. ;)

Hana said...

Hey, that 80's oufit sounds awesome :)
But forget the crimping, just perm your fringe instead, hee!

Kathy F said...

Sorry to hear about the seemingly perfect shoes. No wonder you are pissed - I would be too. Hope they google you and send you many pairs of free shoes ( not that it will change your mind about them but it will make you feel better and less runner deprived!

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