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We have a 30th party to go to in a couple of weeks, and it just so happens to be 80's themed.

Now comes the hard part; dressing up.

From what I've seen doing countless hours of Googling, 80's clothing is fabulous - if you happen to be a skinny twig. Miniskirts, tights, midriff tops, yes yes, I know. And I think they're great. But you just won't catch me wearing them.

So, I come to you for advice, oh wonderful blog-o-sphere. What should I wear?

I'm mainly looking for clothing ideas, since I own a crimping iron, (!) hairspray and old tacky jewellery already. I think I've got that part covered. We're calling into a dress place today to get some ideas too, so that should be fun.

Keep in mind that the clothes are for someone of a not-thin body type. And someone on a budget. Get commenting, ladies and gents, I need your help!

P.S. Remember my pretty (expensive) Nike runners? I was putting them on yesterday and the strap stitching fell apart in my hands! They're a week old! Wahhhh! Crisis! We're going back to the shop, and they had better replace them for me or else I may just throw a tantrum then and there. Think happy thoughts, Aly, think happy thoughts...

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Nicole P. said...

Stone wash jeans and oversized sweater.

And re: the Christmas music -

Ok, I kind of hate to admit this but I have LOTS of Christmas music. As in 216 songs (sure there's a couple duplicates but they are same songs by different groups or arranged differently).

LaLa said...

Easy Peasy! Remember when I went to the 80's party? You can BORROW that outfit! It's ready to go! Mind you, you will have to be content for people thinking you may be a hooker... (too lazy to do this properly) Photos are here... http://julaberry.blogspot.com/2006/08/my-night-as-puerto-rican-hooker.html and here... http://julaberry.blogspot.com/2006/08/what-will-we-be-singing-in-80s.html
Let me know if you want a full length one! x

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