Look who's here!

And he came in the cutest post-bag ever!


Edit: Because I'm a twit and I forgot that some people don't actually know who/what the heck Flat Stanley is (cover your ears, Stanley dear) I'll give you some of the background rundown. And because I am lazy, I shall steal Aimee's words.

"Have you heard of Flat
Stanley?  Flat Stanley is part of a project that some schools do.  You can read
more about the Flat Stanley project here. I made my very own Flat
Stanley.  I will document his time spent with me (about a week?) and then I will
send him to someone else, who will then blog about Flat Stanley's adventures
with her.  We can track the progress of Flat Stanley and see all the places he
has been....if we keep this up, Flat Stanley could be in 10-11 new places before
the year is over."

He arrived yesterday, and asked me to say a big thankyou to Aimee for making his plane flight so comfortable.

What can I say? I was so excited that I had to take pictures, EVEN with sweaty gym hair, no makeup and blotchy skin.

Poor Stanley must be jetlagged, he just doesn't look as excited as I do. He's resting now, but I'm sure he'll be as good as new soon.

I have a feeling that Stanley and I will be on the phone to insurance companies all day, and then watching movies in my NEW DVD PLAYER.

And if you're interested in having Stanley over for a visit, please send me an email and we'll sort it out. He's a rather quiet houseguest, actually.

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janet said...

I must say I am kinda Flat-Stanley-ignorant, but if that is what you look like when you come home from the gym you totally do not need to feel bad! I look about 40 times worse, I swear.

30andflirty said...

Yeah!! So glad he arrived safely! Can't wait to hear about youra dventures. And seriously, I'm totally jealous of you. You look better all gym-y than I do clean! :P

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...


I haven't seen flat Stanley in several years. My nephew who HATED reading at the time sent him to me. When I sent him back I told him of all the cool books we'd read and included some of the Fudge book adventures like "Tales of a 6th grade nothing" that I had loved so much as a kid. I was shocked at the results when his mom called and told me he not only quit fighting reading but had embraced it.


LaLa said...

Gah! I WANT THE FLAT STANLEY! Would it be wrong if we took him for a beer on Oxford Street?

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