My Nanna Day.

It's left me bloody exhausted!

Met up with nan at the club, we then walked to the station and headed off to Parramatta. It's so different now; as if it wasn't confusing enough in the first place. The whole point in going? To return a shirt that nan bought, seeing as she doesn't go out by herself much. We get there and guess what? In a shopping centre with fifteen billion stores, the store that nan was looking for WAS NOT THERE.

So basically, it was a free shopping day. Sounds good right? Except make that into a free shopping day at grandma speed. Actually, scratch that. A free shopping day at grandma speed WITH a walking frame. In other words, we walked into about ten stores. I love my nan but lordy, she was painful to shop with.

I bought a necklace and earring set for her Christmas present which she chose, which was nice. She bought herself perfume, and I held myself back from buying MYSELF more perfume. I bought some sunglasses and a handbag, because they were cheap. Oh, and a nice dress. I know. A DRESS. A girly dress! The horror! I'll try and take a picture of it soon.

I was rather disappointed that I didn't buy a Boost smoothie while I was there, I've been craving one for the longest time. I was also peeved to find out that plain black Chucks were on sale for like $70 in Foot Locker. I always thought they were cheaper than that; wahhh! This makes me wish for those pink checkered ones even more.

Anyway, then I dropped nan off, and got stuck in peak hour traffic all the way home along the freeway. Damnit! I hate traffic. Especially when I have to merge across two-three lanes to get to the E-Tag tollbooth. Yipes! Lucky I squeezed in front of slow ol' trucks, so that was nice.

I even went to the gym straight after. But after all that? I have sore feet and a throbbing headache. That's what I get for having a life for the day.

Fwee, I also had a pseudo celebrity sighting, celebrity in terms of football anyway. I saw John Morris from the Parramatta Eels. Hee. That is Jason's team, and I always used to tell him that John Morris was the cutest guy on the team (just to piss him off.) I'm over him now, but I can still share some rather shocking pictures I found of him. Have to laugh at the match photos with his tongue hanging out!

Oh, and as I was cleaning out my old handbag and depositing all of my junk into my new handbag, I found a little note I had meant to share with the blogging world from the last week of school. I may have already shared it even, but I'm in holiday mode and therefore my brain is currently lying on a beach somewhere.

It was written in one of the kids journals; this is it, word for word.

"Miss S. is the best techer in the hole wide world and pretty. Or she is just so luvey and smart with a buter fool fase."

Ha! Flattery will get you nowhere, kiddo.. but I suppose a little bit will help. Smart kid. Now to work on his spelling when I get back.

My buter fool fase and I are off to go to bed now.

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LaLa said...

Hee hee. Took me AGES to work out what a buter full fase was. Brilliant.

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