Wait, is this supposed to hurt?

I've been looking forward to working out in my new running shoes.

So much so that I wore them in around the house all afternoon yesterday - and I was wearing a skirt. Loser? Indeed.

So why this morning have I awoken with a very, very sore right arm? I think it's just the bicep muscle, probably from doing the hand weights while doing cardio yesterday, but geez it hurts. I'm not letting it stop me though. I shall be visiting the gym again this afternoon. I'm determined by next month to at LEAST have my measurements down by a teeny bit. That would be nice. Considering I have thighs large enough to devour a whole cheesecake by themselves (or something.)

And in other news, I am proud to announce that I have finally remembered how to play The Sims. Not the newer spiffier version (nay, I am too poor to have bought that after purchasing the pretty shoes) but the old version, and all the expansion packs. Can someone please tell me why the dogs and cats are able to open doors BY THEMSELVES PLEASE? This gives me the creeps.

Oh, yes, I have named my family very appopriately. I say family, although that family is actually just one skinny blonde lady (called Aly, clever chook I am!). At the moment she is living by herself, and is surrounded by dozens of the forementioned cats and dogs. Perhaps this is my subconscious mind's way of telling me what my future will look like?

Oh well. At least I look hot in short shorts in THIS future.

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kirby said...

it is odd...that they can open doors and such...
I've actually forgotten what the original sims was like to play. Except for the fact that they could have babies just from kissing.... (in the second version, you have to make them try for a baby, then they get pregnant....)
thank heavens that's not true...

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