Day of the Dags

I have to be fair; Desiree did give provide a rather enlightening post about Columbus Day for me last week, so it is only fair that I give back.

Because that's what I'm all about. Giving to the people. Peace.

Stay with me guys, this could get confusing.

"In Australia, dag refers to wool on a sheep's rear contaminated with mud
and faecal matter. PSSSSH. This is a technical term only. One does not usually call themselves a hanging lock of poop, if you know what I mean. However, it has evolved from its original meaning to become an almost untranslatable and not necessarily derogatory Australian slang term referring to a likably goofy or unsophisticated person."

Thankyou, Wikipedia. Always have an answer for everything.

I like that; untranslatable. Meaning no-one has a clue how the heck "dag" became a word at all. Classic! If you were asking me to tell you what it means (oh, what's that, you WERE asking that?) I'd say this;

A dag is a dork.
Or a nerd. Or a loser. Or someone corny.

But in a nice sort of tone, not in a bitchy one. So I'm affectionately calling myself a dag. I could affectionately call you, Desiree, a dag. Or even Lala! Or my mum! And because it's affectionate, no-one is allowed to get cranky.

This is what I just found on another site.

"Colloquially it refers to someone who is, well, a bit of a nerd (in that 1970s sense of nurd). It has a wide range of values, so to say to someone "You're a dag" can actually be a form of sweet talking, but in other contexts it has all the negative connotations of being unfashionably out of date, socially clumsy, and just, well, daggy. Generally you don't want to be a dag."

I disagree! Being a dag is fun.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the word DAG in at least one sentence today. And then put up with the stares from people who have no idea what you are talking about. And then to enlighten them, and share the dag love around the world. I think my job here is done.

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Desiree said...

Excellent! My name is Desire DAGmar *last name*. Does that count as using the word "dag"? It sounds like I have a little bit longer to go before I can really use it in a good way but I think I am going to work up some kind of cultural revolution here.

Hana said...

Is that really what the literal meaning of dag is? OMG. I didn't even know that and i've been saying dag this whole time... gives it a whole new meaning. Hee!

Hana said...

p.s. What is a "Dag's dictionary" exactly?

Jen said...

This reminds me of when I taught my American cousins to call people wankers. I was like "it's not wangKERR, its wangKAH"

30andflirty said...

I'll have to try that on Mark later! :) Thanks!

beef said...

"unsophisticated person"

Looks like I qualify too.

LaLa said...

And dork is actually another term for whales penis.

I really want to open a nightclub called "Dags", I shall play nothing but Queen, ELO, Falco, ABBA and music I like.

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