A Quick Note

Because my visitors list is alarming me, lately.

If you've been directed here from Google or one of the other trillion search engines out there looking for GREAT BONDAGE, you've come to the wrong place. That is all.

Now normally, I would be helpful and provide you with links to other places you go go, but you know what? This time, it just aint going to happen. Sorry about that.

Have a nice day, now.

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Jenny said...

Hey, I came here for um "GREAT BONDAGE". What a gyp.


Nicole P. said...

Where's the bondage post?! I'm so not coming back here until you share THAT story.

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

no bondage? damnit!

okay how bout smoking donkey sh*t? Do you have any of that laying around by chance?

Interesting seeing the Nablopomo logo. That is something I would definitely be interested in if it were another month, but the same month as NanoWrimo, noooooo way!

LaLa said...

I am only here for the naked monkey dancing, is that here tonight?

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