I've been considering something a little different for over the Christmas holidays.

As you might know, in Australia teachers get from around the 21st of December, through to the end of January off, since that is the kids main summer holiday break. I recently found out that I probably won't be recieving holiday pay over that time (like permanent teachers do, anyway) because I was only temporary for the year - which left me with a sort of dilemna.

I'm sure I could budget now to start putting money away and saving for things like board, car repayments, gym fees and other expenses (particularly expensive petrol and phone pre-paid cards) but I was still a bit worried.


One of the girls at work found a notice in the staffroom about working overseas in the Christmas holidays - in South Korea (Seoul - the capital), teaching English to kids. They pay for your airfare, your accomodation, lunches, Sunday outings (four in total) as well as $1400 at the end of four weeks. They provide the work for you, and there is a Korean translator/teachers aide in the room with you as well, to help the kids. It's from December 27th to January 29th, or around then.

I sort of want to do it.

But I'm also a big chicken and have some reserves too; mainly that it will be dodgy, or that things would just go wrong. I like to think worst-case, sometimes, it's my negative streak. And then there's Jase. (Who I should mention was 100% supportive of it all, bloody man. Couldn't he have pretended to be just a trifle disappointed that the LOVE OF HIS LIFE might be going away to a foreign country for four weeks? Sniff.)

Here is a link to the accomodation site. (It should be in English, and the links to a virtual camera shot of the apartments are down the left. The two single studios are apparently the ones on offer. Because the living arrangements are important. VERY important.

So what are your thoughts? I have no plans in that time anyway (other
than sitting around relaxing and trying not to spend the money I won't
be earning!) And hopefully, it'll be going with at least one or two
people from the school that also want to go, IF we get our resumes
accepted for the programme.  I still have a week or so to get a resume made up, but I'm still weighing it all up.

Should I go? And why?

Or should I NOT go? And why?

I value your opinions, so go for your life!

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janet said...


Just my 2 cents, only beacuse life is too short to say no to things like this. Worst case scenario: you hate it. but it's only one month, so it won't kill you. More likely scenario? Really awesome experience!

Ngaire Brown said...

Go Aly! If I was in your position I would definetly do it! Trouble is now I have a house and a husband and it just cant happen now!

LaLa said...

Ohmygod. I will personally put you on the plane. You MUST go, it's a great way for you to experience living in a foreign country and you GET PAID! And it's only 4 weeks and I promise to plan for 30th for after you get back! (Though you will have to remind me!) xx

Jason said...

I think i rest my case :P

You should do it aly

Julz said...

I say you should do it Aly! I know you're worried it'll be dodgy and stuff, but people do it allllll the time! And it'll be a great experience for you. And I know 4 weeks seems like a long time, especially if you're gonna be away from Jase, but it really will fly by. And if Jase is ok with it, GOOOO!!!! I mean, they pay for expenses and for accomodation AND for your work so it's not like you'll be struggling to pay for stuff.

At least apply, put in your resume. At least then, even if you don't get chosen to go, you won't regret not applying. :)

Kathy F said...

GO !!! It's a free trip to another country. You get paid to talk! It will look great on your resume. You are going with friends so you'll have a ball!

Wish I could do it. I went to USA on a teacher exchange. I went alone. It was the scariest and most fantastic thing I have ever done.

Viviane said...

Go! I would take every chance of expanding my horizons. You get to see another country and culture, and have no expenses. You actually make money. And it is so short I am sure time will fly, so you and Jase wouldn't be apart for that long!

30andflirty said...

I think I'm with Janet on this, in the "it's only a month." My friend is living in Korea now and worked for one school that was TERRIBLE and another that is "okay." She enjoys the teaching part of it though.
If I talk to her in the next week I'll ask her if she knows anything about this particular program, and report back.

I'm a chicken too though, so I totally get where you're coming from with the hemming and hawing.

Teacher Jane said...

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to teach abroad. There's something about doing something I love (teaching) while doing another thing I love (traveling) that really appeals to me.

This program sounds like it could be a wonderful opportunity. A paid position teaching English with housing included in a foreign location? If I had the time and wherewithal to do it, I'd certain sign up, as well.

I also agree with Janet about her worst- and best-case scenarios. Either way, I think you'd make the best of it, regardless of whether you loved it or not, because you seem the kind of person to not let an experience like that go to waste.

Best of luck making such a difficult decision!

Jess said...


Because if you don't, I could possibly imprison you in a room and make you listen to MC Hammers, "You Cant Touch This" on repeat which would be bad for your sanity.

This, on the other hand would be GREAT for your CV. It would be a brilliant experience and you would have so much fun! :)

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