A Virtual Shopping List

Since I won't be heading out to the shops until after Wednesday (pay day!) I figured I'd make myself a list, so that I know what I want.

Handy-dandy, yes?

Let's just jump straight into it.

1. New Running Shoes. (I already know which shoes I want. The trouble will be finding them again. I tried them on at Rebel Sport when I was with Kirby, but freaked out at the cost and haven't managed to find them since. All I know is that they are Nike Airwind/Tailwind ((? I forget)) and they are white and blue and look like my old shoes. And that they had an alarm on them, which I set off by putting them on, so made people look at me like I was a criminal.)

2. Bras. (Lots of them. Including at least one sports bra. I'm tired of being whacked in the face ((or nearly, anyway)) while I'm doing the bouncing cardio stuff at the gym. Plus, my favourite Bonds classic bras that I owned in about five different colours, have all died at the same time, leaving me with about three. Three is not enough! Must bra shop. Even though bra shopping has to be the most boring and expensive necessity ever.)

3. Summer Clothes. (I know I sound like every typical woman that says "I have nothing to wear!" whenever there is a season change, but I'm completely truthful here. I have plenty of nice winter clothes, yet barely any summer clothes. I need at LEAST tops, but some more 3/4 pants and skirts as well. Then I'll be fine.)

4. Christmas Gifts. (Must start looking. Christmas is in 12-12 weeks or some crazy figure like that. And weeks go fast!!! Add the fact that buying gifts gets harder every year, and that my last day of school is on the 21st of December ((!!!!)) and basically, I have to start doing my shopping NOW.)

5. A Digital Camera. (Well, I need to start price hunting anyway, even if I don't buy this now. I can claim this as a tax deduction for when I use it in class, so I just need a cheap, easy to use, click a button and maybe see a screen kind of digital camera. How fun!)

6. Books. (Because I've read every damn book in this household about a thousand times.)

7. A Spanador. (A WHAT? I hear you say. Spanadors are the result of crossing a Labrador with a Cocker Spaniel to produce a pet that is generally smaller than a Labrador with a friendly temperament and
easy to train. Coat is easy to maintain and is gold or black in colour. ((Thankyou Google.)) They are so gorgeous, they have the face of a lab, their beautiful nature, just with cuter ears. I WANT ONE. Hint. To anyone who is reading. I WANT THIS DOG. OR BOTH. PRONTO! STAT!

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Jen said...

Only you would put a puppy on a shopping list.

Don't mention Christmas. It scares me.

Desiree said...

Yes, shopping. I might have to breathe into a brown paper bag for a moment just to get over my recent attempts to find flat shoes and a pair of pants. The horror. Why are you shopping for summer clothes in October? I get Christmas shopping, I too try to get this done fast but seriously? Summer clothes? I am confused. The doggies are awful cute :)

30andflirty said...

oh my goodness they are CUTE!! You should start a typepad tip jar just for that puppy! hee!

I tried that Christmas shopping thing too...didn't find a thing. argh!

kirby said...

I wash a spanador...
she's named Lola and is really quite lovely. I like them more when they've got the labrador coat... because spaniel coats are a pain in the arse.

Clara said...

I have a Spanador puppy he is sooooooooo CUTE!

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