Clever Chooks

Sometimes the kids say the darndest things.

And sometimes? They do not. In fact, they say rather obvious things. Let's take today, for example.

I came out after lunch with a monster headache, so already I wasn't feeling that super bouncy happy mood anymore. (geez, and I thought I could last until Friday - HA!) Got to lines, and was greeted with about five different kids, all complaining about different things.

C: "She pushed me!"
S: "She looked at me funny!"
D: "Miss, J. just kicked me."
D: "I don't lie. YOU LIE!"
R: "Can I get a drink?"

For the sake of my temples exploding, I didn't say anything.

I just gave them THE LOOK. I think most people know what THE LOOK is; I am proud to say that after not even one year, I have got THE LOOK perfected. Score! THE LOOK is the best tool ever. Great for sore throats, and headaches.


They all scuttled back into lines, and off we went; shuffling inside to the room. I waited at the door to let the class in first, and was greeted by even more complaints as I walked inside.

N: "I lost my money in the playground."
C: "Yeah, I think S. stole it."
C: "You always steal, S."
S: "I DID NOT!" (insert tears)
R: "So, can I get a drink, now?"

(I had to laugh inwardly at R. Very persistent, that one.)

After I got to my chair, purposely ignoring them at that time, they suddenly became very quiet. I still hadn't said anything, instead I was just randomly looking at the faces in front of me. I WAS going to open my mouth and talk to them about the whinging (because OMG, I'm the only one allowed to whinge around here, ALRIGHT KIDDIES?) when I saw one student whisper to another.

This irritated me, in the charming mood I was in, so of course, I pointedly stared at the student and asked them to please tell the rest of us what was so important.

She stood up, scuffed her feet a bit, and finally came out with this;

L: "Um, I was just saying that you don't look real happy."

Too right, kiddo. Top marks for you in the sense department.

(Oh, and I also have to boast, because my kids are all doing vertical addition with basic trading! With no worries! Even the less-mathematically inclined kids have figured out how to do it with little numbers. My clever kids were doing four and five digit adding today. So excited! Now if only they'll remember it..)

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Ngaire said...

The younger kids that you teach crack me up! Even though they might annoy you they sound so much more interesting than the 13 & 14 year olds that I teach!

Aly said...

Oh, well they're annoying in a super cute sort of way. I'm still surprisingly proud. Heeee.

janet said...

kids really are cute. of course, they don't annoy me as much because I don't actually have to spend half my waking hours with 30 or so of them.

Jonathon said...

Just stumbled on the blog. I can't imagine teaching large groups of young kids. I can barely keep after one of my own.

I, however, also love THE LOOK. Keeps 'um in line without any fussin' around.

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