Riddle me this.

Oompa, Loompa, Doompity Doo; I've got some lovely puzzles for you. (And now I have that tune in my head..)

Hard, they be not.

But because it is hot and I am lazy, I shall write them anyway. See if you can work out the answers.

What do you get if;

You take one classroom of twenty-three six and seven year olds. You add a couple of teaspoons full of energy to the equation, and take away some listening skills. Then you add in a lab of computers, and divide to form pairs of students on each computer. Multiply that by seven, just for the heck of it. Then divide by seven, also just for the heck of it. Then you add another twenty students (but divide them by half because they are pre-schoolers and are very, very small). What's the total?

My class + Preschool kids + Computer Lab = Crazy Aly.

That wasn't too bad though. We were already going down there, as we do each Wednesday. The pre-school which adjoins our primary school has been visiting classrooms to see the "Big Kids" at work, so I offered for them to come in our time-slot; they were happy about this, since their kidlets hadn't seen the computer lab before. I had planned for my guys to use the internet, someone had told me about a great online maths game site which I thought would be a nice change.

We had even worked out a system, so that I could get their attention when I needed it. (1-2-3, Eyes to me!) All set. Paired up, computers on, ready to go. Prepared for our visitors, so the my kidlets could show the younger kids what they were doing. They came in, we greeted them, split them up to view the computers and then -- the internet and/or website decided to promptly cark it. Splat. No more games. First it was just one computer, then all of a sudden there were fifteen pairs of hands in the air. Bleh. We did get them working again, and it WAS a good site, but not a particularly fun lesson.

(Lucky the pre-school kids know me already, otherwise they would have thought I was one insane lady, running around like a mad-woman trying to get computers to work.)

I have another maths problem for you.

What do you get if;

You take one classroom of twenty-three kidlets, add nine other classes (of twenty-three kidlets or MORE) and divide them between two playgrounds. Add balls, skipping ropes, chasing games and other playground actitivities, as well as a temperature in the 30's (still celcius, folks.) Also add wind. A fair amount of wind. Take into account the average beads of sweat children accumulate across a 40 minute lunch break with the afore-mentioned additions, and also add a crapload of baby flies into the equation. What's the answer?

My class + A hot and sweaty lunch hour + Flies = Possibly the most irritating and annoying last hour of school EVER.

Oh man. I've seen the kids hot and sweaty after lunches before, way back from the beginning of the year. I remembered the sweat, and the tiredness, and even the occassional grouch after lunch - but I had forgotten the flies. Holy crap. They were EVERYWHERE! I'm talking, crazy amounts. Sticking to the kids sweaty foreheads, being smooshed and slapped by the kids walking to class. Yuck!

Tomorrow, I think I'm breaking out the Aeroguard. Blech!

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Kathy F said...

Wind + children = BAD !!! Hypo , horrible! Worse than rain.

Share the Maths site please!!! here's one for you - rainforestmaths.com Very cool for yr 1 and 2 !

Belinda Howlett said...

APPLES SUCK!!!! if only the BOSS saw that and got some REAL computers!!!!!

LaLa said...

OMG. If the flies are out your way it can only be a matter of time until they get to the city. I am predicting TOMORROW.

Help me God.

LaLa said...

Are you loving your new layout? I love it, though it is missing something, there is something missing, is it the pictures of your wishlist?

Teacher Jane said...

I absolutely refuse, under any circumstances, to take my kids to the computer lab. I have had all of the problems you've had -- and then some.

Most specifically, the students who figured out how to bypass the school district controls and access porn, which they then threatened to print out and turn in as what I had assigned them to do.

They were joking, but, oh, my heart!

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