Anyone lost their undies?

Did I mention that I put my hand up to do a swimming scheme with the kids this year?

Because I am a nut and don't have enough to do already this term. Nobody else would put their hands up for it though, and I felt bad about that, so I offered. It's basically the standard "learn to swim" programme for kids that don't get a chance to do it at home.

It runs for 10 days. (!)

Excuse me while I keel over. I know, 10 days. WHERE I MISS OUT ON 2 HOURS OF TEACHING TIME WITH MY KIDS. Have I mentioned I have reports to write, accreditation to start working on, and resumes to make up?

Regardless though, I went along today and despite the craziness of having ten minutes to split my kids up to different classes, make sure they had their work and bags and all that AS WELL AS shuffling 46 swimming kids and their lunches, goggles and the rest onto the bus, it all went pretty smoothly.

Gorgeous day, so gorgeous that I actually went against my better instincts, and got dressed in my gym shorts and a daggy long shirt so I could jump in if I needed to. It was so nice that I was actually hoping the instructors would ask me to get in and help. But alas! No help needed today. Bugger. What's the bet the day I'll be asked to assist will be wet, cold and miserable?

High points would have to be seeing them all so excited to either a) Get in the water at all, b) Splash around like loons or c) Swim a few metres by themselves. Plus, they are a great group of kids that we've got, and I have another teacher with me to keep me occupied. Perhaps I can burn my palest of pale legs to match my red nose?

Low points though? Leaving my kidlets behind and missing out on teaching time. Also, bellowing like a mad-woman into the girls and guys changerooms because the kids are too busy flinging wet towels at each other to get on the bus to go home. And the four extra pairs of undies and swim shorts that we ended up with at the end of the day.

Where did they come from?

Are they breeding?

Are the school children's change rooms a spawning ground for evil underwear demons that are planning on taking over the world?

I do not know. But I have 9 more days to uncover all the facts for you. SUMMER!


By the way, speaking of SUMMER, nobody bothered to mention that SOUTH KOREA IS IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. Shit! Because I am a dork who figured it was not THAT far from Australia, I assumed they would be in summer weather in January too. Um. No.

These are the average temperatures for January in South Korea. Courtesy of Google, of course.

Hours of Sunlight: 6.
Average minimum temperature: -9o celcius.
Average maximum temperature: 0o celcius.

WAHHHHH! (But yes, I'm still putting a resume in.)

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LaLa said...


Erm, those are my knickers,

Jess said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're putting your resume in :)


Jenny said...

I've lost 5 pairs on undies this summer already. I was starting to suspect my husband had a habit he wasn't sharing with me but now I see that they're just making thier way to your house.

No starch please.

Aimee said...

Since I don't have kids - I'd be curious to know what a parent says/thinks when their kid comes home sans underpants?? Hee!!

Yeah for a white christmas!! but 6 hours of daylight? ACK!

Heather B. said...

You feel silly about the South Korea bit, I feel silly that I'm sitting here trying to figure out why you would be talking about Summer like it's coming up. Because Hello! Summer just ended. And then I sit and think and go "OOOOOOOOOOH". None too bright.

While I adore little kids in the pool, learning to swim, there is nothing worse than trying to get them undressed then re-dressed to do so. Ugh. They lose everything!

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