Random Irritation for the Day.

Look. I'm running out of things to blog about, what with having no school stories right now.

If you're still reading, congratulations to you. If you're running away with your eyes rolling to the back of your head, I completely understand. Yawn.


What's irritating me for today? (Aside from having an extremely bloated day, so bloated in fact that I had to change gym pants because the other ones made me look like my thighs were going to rip all the seams open aka the holey crotch pants.)

Word Verification prompts.

Yes, yes, I do know they have a purpose. I am not a complete moron (!) and I know they are to minimise spam and robots and all that other technological crap. But it seems that wherever I go lately, I'm greeted with them.

That doesn't exactly bother me. That's ok. I can take 5 minutes out of my insanely hectic not very busy schedule to type the damn numbers in and have it over with. But when I type the numbers in THE RIGHT WAY, and yet my comment still refuses to go through? Gah! It's so irritating.

I've once had to retype the damn letters in four times before it decided I wasn't a robot. And I SWEAR that I had typed them in correctly all. four. times. Seriously!

Where am I going with this? Heck, I don't know. But this is what I have to say to those insanely crazy prompt boxes of doom.

P.S. Because I am a blog stalker, of course I will still read your blog if you use word verifications. I'll just whine about it, hee. As you do.

P.P.S. Please, feel free to share any of your Monday irritations too!

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Amie said...

Well, it's not Monday here, yet, so I can't share any Monday irritations. However, I can say that having a new stalker is always a welcome thing. Nice to meet you!

Teacher Jane said...

It is not yet Monday here, but I can tell you already that it is going to suck.

Something about football (American) + beer + hot soldiers the night before administration of a huge unit (heh) test does not bode well for my Monday at school.


Kathy F said...

In total agreeance about those codes. half the time you can't even work out what letters they are anyway!

Today's peeve - new kids who join your class and are MILES behind all the other students! I have a 3/4 and today got 2 new year 4s and they are both so far behind my year 3s they should be in year 2. How am I supposed to get them up to speed? I think they'll both be repeating!

LaLa said...

Yes, yes. I am one of those people with the annoying word verification thingie. Don't worry, it pisses me off too and I am trying to comment on my OWN blog. Does it not know I am special owner person?

Pet Peeves today - Cab drivers who see that little magical cab charge and in my hand and proceed to drive really slllloooowwwlly. Arses.

Unknown said...

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