Flat Stanley ~ Day 1

We had a very busy day, today.

The school had an all-day gala day, where we were doing activities and moving around the whole time, so I didn't really have time to give poor Stanley an introduction. I did give him a tour of the classroom, and tomorrow the class will get to meet him too.

Sadly, I don't think I'll be putting class pictures up with Stanley, for the kids confidentiality stuff, but we'll have fun just the same. Maybe I'll take Stanley to visit Jason tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be thrilled!

Stanley enjoys the view of my classroom, from the teachers desk. He thought it was very quiet and that I should stop whinging, but then he realised that there were actually no students in there, so he took it all back.

This is Stanley's new favourite book. I had to pry it out of his hot little hands. Stanley likes to read.

I am proud to say that he learned how to write his own name today. Oh, and to stand up all by himself, too. See how he holds the pencil? Clever Stanley.

He was a real hit with the ladies today. This is Stan the Man with some of the beautiful teachers from my school. Stanley can't wait to go back tomorrow.

I also have a charming photo today of one of my kids wearing a Scottish cap with wild, bushy hair coming out from underneath it in all directions, which I'd LOVE to post in time for Halloween. A big boo to the confidentiality stuff, although I know it's there for good reasons. Oh, and I'm officially in love with my cheap-o new camera.

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30andflirty said...

Wow! Good job with Flat Stanley, teacher! He's quite the ladies' man! ;)

Jess said...


I wonder whatever happened to my Flat Stanley book :(


Did you ever read Jacob Two Two? Who did things in twos and he was 2 + 2? Haha I loved that one too.

Jess said...

OH! and I found out today that Taxiride have just released another album called Electrophobic. Very excited! Will buy it this weekend :D

Isabel said...

Stanley is HOTT! I love him and can't wait for more pictures.

Sarah said...

I loved when our class did flat Stanley. Do you think I'm too old for that now?

kirby said...

"Here are some other things i would do if I WERE a Cardboard Cutout..
..I'd run for President with Flat Stanley on my ticket, and then I'd be gay and marry Flat Stanley to help tear down outrageous marriage laws"

Jason Mraz posted that on his blog over the weekend. I found it interesting that it was mentioned while YOU had flat stanley. It also made me gasp a little bit that flat stanley is that well-known...

seriously.. I thought he was just a cut out?

Daisy said...

Will your Flat Stanley be traveling? Would he like to come to the USA and visit my 6th grade class? (age 11-12)

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