I just realised I forgot to post about Julie's visit, and that was forever ago.

So consider this a belated post. Highlights?

  • Getting lost on the way to Kirby's house.

  • KIRBY!

  • Kirby's niece, Elizabeth, possibly the smiliest baby in the world. Who liked my toes!

  • Driving behind a boat (!) with it's blinker on the whole way to the airport.

  • Finding Jen.

  • JEN!

  • Not finding Julie.

  • Finally finding Julie.

  • JULIE!

  • Watching bad drama movies on Arena!

  • McDonalds frozen coke lids. Who knew they doubled as bras?

  • Dinner on the grass, complete with ninjas. HIII-YAA!

  • Me getting PMS and acting like a whiny whiner.

  • Sleeping with Jen (ooh-ee!)

  • Scary trucks and hallways making me paranoid.


  • Kirby's snail book-shelf divider that looks like a penis. Wait, it might have been a turtle? I don't remember.

  • Tim Tam Iced Chocolates at Gloria Jeans.

Basically? All three of those girls are wonderful. And I'm a very lucky chickadee to have met them. Thankyou fate, for happening to bring us together on a now non-existant messageboard.

P.S. Another visit please Julie, as we need to actually take a photo of ALL FOUR OF US NEXT TIME.

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30andflirty said...

Hee! LOVE the sour face!

You guys look like you had a blast! How fun!

You know, every time I'm looking through the comments on my favorite blogs...I see your comments. We have great taste! hehe.

LaLa said...

Nothing wrong with the old peace sign in photos! Your hairs are the most beautfiul colour!

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