I am happy, oh-so-happy!

Thanks to my momma and her awesome friend, Beth.


It is going to be shipped to the lovely Beth in America, who is then going to ship it TO MEEEEE. Fwoar! I am so excited, I may just cry.

Possibly THE cutest sunglasses in the world.

Closely followed by the coveted Chucks which I have not shut up about in the last few days.

And topped off with some cute wedges, just in time for summer.

Everyone celebrate with me! Celebrations all round! Love! Joy! Too much money spent!

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Aimee said...

So the question is, were these "summer" items on clearance here since it's now getting be very wet and not summer like?
:) What a great idea!! LOVE the wedges!

Oh and you'll have to email me your address so I can send Flat Stanley on to you next!

Desiree said...

YAYYYYYY! I am very pleased that you will get your cute stuff now. I am still confused by the lack of Amazon's international shipping standards, but, yay! If you put me in touch with Beth I will send her candy corn to include in your package.

Jennifer said...

I stumbled upon your site... and i LOVE those sunglasses! Where did you order them from? Would you be terribly mad if I ordered a pair for myself?

Beth said...

Alynda, now that I see how cute the shoes are I understand why you must have them :) Feel free to share my email with Jennifer so we can work on the candy corn! If I don't hear from her I'll try her on her blog! Cheers! Beth

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