Nothing to see here, folks.

This is the downside of school holidays.

Wait.. There is a downside? Who knew? I think there is, anyway. Since I started teaching at the beginning of this year, I always looked forward to the holidays. Two weeks between terms sounds like such a long time, after all.

(A brief pause here for any non-Australian oh-so-faithful readers: The NSW school terms are NOT like yours! Our school year begins in late January, and consists of four 10-12 week terms (the 12 week ones should DIE). Between each term, there is a two week holiday. At the end of the year, there is a 4-5 week one. Yep yep! I hope that makes this all seem a bit less confusing now.)

But no-one tells you that two weeks goes by so damn fast. I usually spend the first weekend of the holidays pretending that I am actually NOT on holidays, since weekends aren't classed as holidays anyway. At least in my mind, they're not. Then I heartily decide to do all my next-term programming in the first week and get it all over with. And then all those aspirations fly out the window as I embrace NOTHING-NESS! Because it's holidays! And that's what you are supposed to do in holidays! Nothing!

But in the same breath, I have a lot that I do need to do, not even including school stuff. I need to visit my nan at some point, catch up with friends who I have completely slacked off on visiting (Congratulations Dee and Steve on baby Sofia!), go and get my eyes tested so I can someday think about Laser Surgery, wash the damn car, take the rabbits to the vet. They all sound like petty, trivial little things but they all add up.

What does this all mean?

It means that just like last holidays, I will end up doing no school planning whatsoever in the first week (it's Thursday already, for crying out loud!) and then will make plans to do it all in the second week.

My predictions? I'll end up doing in next weekend. On the day before school. Fabulous.

Oh, and if anyone is clever enough to help with with one quick question before I scamper off; I pay for Typepad monthly, but I happen to be lacking in computer skills AND common sense (lucky me!). Is there anyway I can change my URL in my Typepad package, or am I stuck with the Typepad part forever?

As I was lying in bed cursing my ER DVD (which started to freeze and then skip all on its own, bastard!) I found myself thinking of a way to spruce up this blog a bit. Except, I'm ALSO lacking in the "sprucing up" department. Any help will be welcomed and your troubles will be rewarded in, um, virtual chocolate.

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Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

Interesting to see how the school schedule works in different parts of the world. Hope you get to enjoy your vacation. I am glad to see you will wait till the last minute, that is how it is supposed to be damnit! errr at least that is what EYE would clearly do as well.


Teacher Jane said...

I hear you on procrastinating during school holidays. Here in the US, we tend to go for forty weeks straight (give or take a week or two for Spring and Winter holidays), and then have twelve weeks "off" in the summer. It's a long stretch go to without working, so most of us try to get other jobs; however, we always overestimate our productivity levels. I thought I would spend my time between summer school and real school planning lessons, but I ultimately wound up cramming everything in to the first week of school.

Okay, actually? Have still not caught up with the planning. Is 8:53 on Wednesday night and I, as of yet, have NO idea what I'm doing tomorrow.

Hope the rest of your holiday is enjoyable! Can't wait 'til you go back to school, if ony because I'm looking forward to the entries.

Nicole P. said...

Hi Aly! I love seeing other people's blogrolls...we read a lot of the same blogs (DMG, Amalah, Aimee, Snarkywood).

Oh, and George Clooney is hot (like you didn't know)

:) Have a good holiday!

Nicole P. said...

You can be my stalker if I can be yours! I've always wanted a reason to go to Australia! Hahaha!

My friend is starting her 3rd year of teaching first grade elementary school. I haven't yet heard if her kids are better or worse this year. How are you liking it so far?

Ngaire said...

Aly it is ok to leave your planning until Thursday of the second first week. It is not ok to leave it until 3pm on the day before you go back like I did!

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