It's that time again.

Time for the not so long-awaited blog award.

Do we remember the HACAH award? If (gasp!) you have forgotten or are a new reader, I suggest you read the link. It's enlightening stuff, it is.

I am proud (and astonished) to annouce that we are up to 700 comments, already! It's been one heck of a trip, and I'd like to thank...

Okay, I'm not that lame.

(blank pause)

Okay, so I sort of am.

Thanks for still sticking around, guys. And especially, to those of you who take the time to comment. I'm feeling the love. You're the reason I don't have those evil word verification prompts; What can I say? I'm a people person, hoorah!

Back to the invisible-but-still-prestigious HACAH award. It is my pleasure to hand the award over to  my favourite hick - NICOLE!

Even though Nicole has threatened not to come back until she sees more posts about bondage, I still love her. And her blog. Complete with cute kiddie pictures from which I'll one day steal borrow the idea for my OWN kiddie picture post. Although my captions will never be as witty as hers. And my bathroom will never be as clean. And.. alright, I'll shutup now.

Congratulations, Nic.

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Desiree said...

Damnit! I hate it when I lose invisible blogging awards. I am so commenting 100 times a day from now on...

LaLa said...

I want my award back! This is like when I had to give the giant match award back at work!

I must comment more to be a double winner!

Nicole P. said...

Ok, sadly I just now saw this! How did I miss it?! Oh yeah, I was out of town.

I feel so honored! I'm wearing a tiara for the rest of the night to celebrate.

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