Random Irritation for the Day (Pt 2) (Complete with links!)

Jen and I spent the afternoon online shopping.

We found the most wonderful things.

Like the stunningly beautiful (AND CHEAP!) diamond engagement rings that we're going to buy ourselves. Hey. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. But I'm not fussy. I like the el-cheapo diamonds. Although, there was also a one carat ring that costs the same amount as my car, that I certainly wouldn't complain about receiving.

Also? These nifty inventions called Liftits. Be sure to watch the demonstration, if you're not squeamish at the site of boob. We can't quite figure out where the skin goes though; and does it give you an instant bosom wax when you take it off? Yeee-owch.

Speaking of undergarment inventions, Jen discovered an undie site for the boys. PLEASE, for the love of all things humourous, click on the 2D simulation. Penis - Buttcheek - Penis - Buttcheek. Not the most flattering things to look at, but still, enjoyable!

I don't actually know who the heck Pedro is, but this shirt is still cute.

And could someone please explain to me where one would wear these abominations? Jeepers.

Amazon is actually hiding a rather kinky selection of undergarments. These would all work well with Liftits. Teehee. Although this one? Requires no Liftits. Rather, you just squish your boobage through the holes and ta-dah! Instant perkiness!

But the most lovely of all? Three things I was actually going to buy from Amazon. Even in Aussie dollars and including shipping, they would have been awesome.

The cute brown sunnies.
The glitzy wedges.

So, I got all excited. I checked the conversion rates and then double checked them. Even checked the credit card to make sure I had enough funds for a mini splurge. Proceeded to the checkout, only to find that ALL THREE of those items cannot be shipped internationally.

Mother fuckers!

Instead, they're all going into the wishlist. Where I shall stare at them and breathe huge sighs of disappointment.

So that's my second Monday irritation. I'm rather peeved, mostly over the Chucks.

Nothing much else to say, I'm going to go mope around the house now. Unless of course, someone would like to purchase me the previously mentioned gorgeous shoes, and then I shall love you for ever and ever. But until then? Mope.

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Ngaire said...

Oooh those chuck taylors are cool!

LaLa said...


Desiree said...

Pedro is from a cult hit movie called "Napolean Dynomite" I reccomend that you buy it if you have about 2 hours to spend and don't mind the potential of coming out saying "why the hell did I waste my two hours?" People either love it or hate it. I am strangely entranced by the liftits footage. I keep rewatching and trying to figure out if the model was even saggy to begin with. And the men's underwear, they offer different "ouch" sizes. Here honey, I got you the petite version because I didn't want you swimming around in there.

You have entertained me to no end. Sorry about the "no international shipping" Also? I had no idea amazon sold stuff like that...

And just in case I wasn't sarcasitic or wild enough, anything said on my site today is all in facetiousness.

Desiree said...

"pouch", not "ouch", but a funny slip anyway

Kathy F said...

Mmmmmmmm interesting men's underwear - far too much info I believe. Liftits??? Mmm maybe contact woudl do the job???

Viviane said...

Haha those Liftits do look interesting, though potentially painful.
And you must watch Napoleon Dynamite - you'll find out who Pedro is. It is quite the funny, though at the same time stupid movie.

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