600, baby!

From now on, I think I shall have a "Hundredth" blog commenter award.

I'm sure it'll take on soon, and become the next big thing in the world of blogging. (aka amalah) Or not. Haha.

I should also mention that this "Hundredth" blog commenter award is invisible. Please do not let it's invisible-ness take away from it's grandness. It is still a mighty wonderful achievement. Indeed.

Let's call it the HACAH blog commenter award. (And let's all pronounce it together now, people: HACK-ARRRR.)

You might be wondering, Aly, what the heck does HACAH stand for?

HACAH: Hundredth Aly Commenter Award - Hoorah!

Duh. What ELSE would it stand for?


My extremely special first HACAH award goes to the very lovely Lala, also known as Julia, also known as Julaberry, also known as that cute chick with lovely teeth who has a slight obsession with feet.

Thankyou for being one of my favourite people to stalk, who just so happens to also return the favour.

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LaLa said...

WOOHOO! I am so excited! I think I will cry! Thanks! Thanks!

(PS Teeth are available at HCF!) xx

Kathy F said...

Congrats. 600 comments - that's awesome!!! You have some serious fans out there. Back to school for me today:( But I do have an intern all term so only 1/2 the work. Gotta be happy with that!

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